• 27 Jun, 2024
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Should you inform airlines about your pregnancy?

Usually, when the traveler is going in a group that comprises 10 passengers or more, and in your group, you have pregnant women, then you are supposed to inform the airline about the pregnancy. The time when you are going to provide the pregnant lady's details to the airline, then you are going to get with the airline guidelines, which are going to be the major factors or concerns because then you are able to understand well that you fit or not with such criteria's. The traveling purposes for pregnant women differ according to different airlines; for example, one month of the pregnancy, and in case the woman is seven months pregnant, then under such situations, you are required to submit fit-to-fly certificates approved by a health care provider.

What are the guidelines of the airline for pregnant women?

Pregnant women travelers are given permission for a smooth journey only when they have complete references in terms of guidelines, like what documents are required or otherwise, which all women should need when traveling on the flight.

  • Since a pregnant woman has traveled onboard, they must get certain documents, such as certificates signed by the doctor, which depict or state that you are fit to fly with the airline.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Most importantly, passengers will not allowed to get pregnant women booking via the third-party portal.
  • If the pregnant woman has complications during the pregnancy, the airline will not give her permission to travel. But if traveling is due to an emergency, you should provide certain documentation for eligibility.
  • Lastly, pregnant women have been allowed to access special assistance services, which is the best option. For this, you should contact a customer service representative using an official customer care number.

How many months pregnant women do not get allowed to travel?

Generally, women are not given permission to travel on the flight if they are 36 weeks pregnant, which is going to be a matter for domestic flights, and 28 to 35 weeks if getting with the international flight routes. However, if you are still confused with policy tips or need more essential information for pregnant women, then you are required to connect with a customer service representative for help.

How can I book flight tickets for pregnant women?

Passengers can book flight tickets for pregnant women very simply and smoothly. But to get such references, you are required to read the section below, and you will be able to book appropriate flight tickets for pregnant women.

  • First of all, you need to head to the link of the airline's official site.
  • Now, on the homepage, you are going to select the book a flight option
  • Next, you are going fill out the details within the required fields, and then you will be able to manage further
  • Select the number of passengers, and here, select the pregnant women tab
  • Following which you have the form onscreen and there you will have to mention the details
  • Connect to the payment page and you get the confirmation email.