• 10 May, 2024
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What is the difference between early bird check-in and upgraded boarding Southwest? 

Southwest Airlines allows early bird check-in to travelers, confusing customers with upgraded boarding. This airline is one of those that does not permit travelers to reserve seats in advance and offers them standard seating options on the basis of first come, first serve. This creates the necessity of priority boarding among travelers. Now, you must be puzzled about the difference between early bird and upgraded boarding. The main difference between the two is that early bird check-in enables travelers to check in for their reservation even before 24 hours of scheduled departure and makes them liable for early boarding. However, upgraded boarding allows passengers to get a better boarding position on the aircraft, and they are offered their preferred seats at the front of the aircraft. The fare difference between the two is marginal. 

What is Southwest Airlines' early-bird check-in? 

Early bird check-in allows travelers to automatically check in for their upcoming Southwest Airlines flights before the usual 24 hours, depending upon the availability, by paying a nominal fare starting from $15 for one way. Travelers who opt for this option are entitled to better flight boarding positions and they are the ones who have prior access to overhead bin space to keep their luggage. 

What is Southwest Airlines upgraded boarding: 

Upgraded boarding is the best seating option that can be purchased by travelers paying an additional amount of $30. Travelers are entitled to the following important benefits if they select upgraded boarding: 

  • These travelers are the first ones to board the aircraft. 
  • They entitled to get seats at the front of the aircraft that is from  A1-A15
  • These upgrades can only be purchased for flights that are scheduled within 24 hours. 
  • These ticket holders get the first access to overhead bins. 

Early-bird check-in online process: 

Southwest Airlines ticket holders can refer to the following online steps to process the early bird check-in:

  • Go to the official Southwest Airlines website. 
  • Now, you must log into your account by filling out your ID and password. 
  • Turn to the early-bird check-in, flight confirmation code, and passenger's last and first name must be typed in by the travelers. 
  •  As you come across the flight, you must click on the early bird check-in. 
  • Now you can download the boarding pass, essential for your trip. 

How does Southwest Airlines' early bird check-in work? 

Now that you are already aware that the boarding process of Southwest Airlines is different from the rest of the airlines, you must note that this airline allows boarding on the basis of different boarding groups. Traveler are not allowed to pick their seats during the online booking. So it is clear the earlier travelers check in better seating options they can select. Travelers can select the early bird check-in to get better seating chances. If they delay in the checkin process then they will have minimal seat options left. Consider if you do not opt for this method and proceed with the usual check-in then you will not have the opportunity to select your preferred seat and over-head-bin-space. Read more about early bird check-in on Southwest Airlines.

Contact Southwest Airlines customer services to gather information about priority boarding: 

Travelers who are still confused about priority boarding or early bird check-in can eliminate all their doubts by contacting customer services. They can simply dial the official Southwest Airlines phone number, 1800-435-9792, and continue with the automated instructions. Finally, when the phone is answered by the concerned Southwest representative, they can get away with all the problems. 

Conclusion: Going through the presented information, your doubt "What is the difference between early bird check-in and upgraded boarding in Southwest? must have been clarified. You can continue with the process to board early and secure your preferred seat to reach your travel destination comfortably.