• 23 May, 2024
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Delta Seat Selection: What You Need to Know?

Traveling in preferred seats on Delta Airlines is one of the most convenient travel experiences for passengers. There are numerous passengers who wish to travel to their selected domestic or international destination on seats according to their preferences. Delta enables such travelers to book seats early to avoid paying additional charges. There are many travelers who are not familiar with the Delta seat section process and are looking to collect relevant information. They must refer to the following section to clarify their seat selection confusion. 

How does Delta assign seating?

Delta offers different travel class options so passengers can travel to their destinations comfortably. Generally, airlines allotts seats to passengers who fail to select their preferred option. Travelers who have specific travel requirements can pick seats in any of the following travel classes: 

  • Basic economy: Delta Airlines basic economy travelers do not have the flexibility to select their preferred seat on Delta Airlines; on contradictory, they are allotted seats by the airline itself.  

  • Main cabin: These travelers have the flexibility to secure complimentary seat selection. They can even upgrade their seats to preferred seats or Delat comfort plus seats. Main cabin seats are situated in the front of the aircraft. 
  • Premium-Select: Passengers can expect more space and reclined seats in this travel class. 
  • Delta Comfort Plus: Delta One and Comfort Plus passengers can secure any seats within their cabin for free. Along with the spacious seats, they can also reach their destinations being entertained. 

Does Delta let you pick your seat?

Yes, Delta Airlines enables travelers to make seat selections after booking their tickets. They can refer to the online steps described below to pick their preferred seats on Delta flights: 

  • Go to the official Delta Airlines website
  • Tap on the "My Trips" option. 
  • Confirmation number and traveler's name must be typed in. 
  • As you find your booking, you must click on your ticket. 
  • Finally, press on the seat selection option. 
  • Delta seat map will be generated; you must now select your preferred seat.
  • Make payment if applicable. 
  • Once your seat is confirmed, you will be notified via email. 

Select seats at the airport: Travelers can even select Delta seats at the airport. There are many travelers who fail to make seat selections online and wonder about the ways to pick their preferred seats. They can select seats either by themselves at the check-in kiosk or by heading to the Delta Airlines reservation counter at the airport and mentioning their booking details and seat requirements. The representative will reserve a seat according to the traveler's preference. 

How much is the Delta seat assignment fee?

Travelers who are part of Delta Airlines loyalty program can expect seats for free, or they can use their existing miles to pick their preferred seats. While for all other passengers Delta Air Lines seat assignment requires paying additional charges. The seat selection fare depends upon several factors. In approximation, travelers are expected to pay $10- $50 to select preferred seats on Delta flights. 

Delta Airlines seat selection policies: 

Delta has framed several seat selection policies for travelers who wish to reserve their preferred option on Delta flights. In order to secure a preferred seat on Delta Airlines, travelers must make sure that they consider the following important policies: 

  • Seats can be selected by travelers on Delta Airlines if there is availability on a selected flight.
  • Travelers must pay additional charges for seat selection. 
  • If travelers fail to select seats they will be automatically allocated by Delta. 
  • There is certain eligibility to select Delta Airlines emergency exit seats, and pregnant ladies, and minors cannot get this seating option. 
  • In case travelers have specific medical conditions and require particular Delta seats, then they must inform airlines and reserve their preferred seat option. Also read about how much does Delta charge for seat selection?