• 01 Jul, 2024
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Is it permissible to bring food on KLM flights?

When you have a long-haul flight scheduled with KLM Airlines, you have to prepare a lot of things that will prepare you for the journey accurately and perfectly so any issues or problems can easily be avoided without any problems. One of the main concerns is the luggage restrictions. If you carry anything that does not go with the baggage policy of the airline, then you will be denied check-in to your flight. The airline allows you to take food on the flight, but there are some restrictions. You cannot take anything or whatever you like and have to be particular. For this information, you need to be well informed about all the rules and restrictions imposed on the KLM food allowance on the flight. Let us discuss all of them and enlighten you about the same. 

What are the restricted food items in KLM?

There are not actually many restrictions on food from KLM Airlines, as you can carry anything you want, but it should not be a liquid. The airline strictly restricts the allowance of liquids in the carry-on luggage. When it comes to your shampoo or other skin care products, then they can be brought to the journey; these should be in small containers of up to 100 ml. All other rules for the same are listed below:

  • If you are traveling with an infant then the food of the baby can be brought that you have to feed them during the flight. 
  • When you have any medical condition or long-term health issue, then you will be allowed to bring medicines on the flight.
  • With medicines, you should also have the doctor's prescription or the statement. 
  • Other sealed items that are tax-free can also be brought to the journey. 
  • If there are some specified diet foods that should be consumed during the flight, then they will be allowed with carry-on.
  • If you are bringing some special food items that are assigned to a particular person because of some issue, then you need to inform the airline beforehand with all the documentation:
  • Apart from the restrictions, whatever liquids you are packing should be packed in a transparent and closed plastic bag with a total volume of up to 1 liter.
  • If you have liquids of more than 1 litre then you can pack them in your checked luggage. Read more about What are the essentials that travelers should know about airplane food?