• 21 Jun, 2024
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Gather information to rent a plane for 30 people easily.

Traveling with more than 30 people on a plane generally falls under the group booking facility. The various group booking facilities offer numerous aircraft to meet your needs, including planes that seat 30 to 350 individuals. It can be a practical and efficient solution for various group travel needs, which you can select to make your flight journey more comfortable. Hence, whether you travel for corporate events, family reunions, destination weddings, or sports teams, you can select a private aircraft that offers numerous advantages over commercial flights. To enjoy your flight journey with multiple people, you must gather appropriate details and avoid unnecessary doubts.

Can you rent a plane for 30 people?

Yes, you can rent a plane for 30 or more people who want to travel together to the same destination. If you are the same and willing to enjoy your trip, you will find various types of planes available to assist with excellent services and amenities. Mid-size jets and turboprops are among the options that can accommodate groups of this size. You can create your flight journey to your required destination by selecting the best plane you can find from the aviation market at the current time. To avoid doubts, go through the more details below.

  •  Embraer ERJ-135:

You can charter Embraer ERJ for a supreme-quality flight booking service and find more space to travel with more than 30 passengers. You can select this airline for a leisure travel or business meeting trip and prepare your flight journey more perfectly. 

  • JSX Plane:

It provides great flexibility when traveling for corporate events, convention transportation, sports teams, etc. Its 30-seat Embraer 135 and 145 aircraft offer a cost-effective alternative, letting you travel significantly on your terms onboard. 

  • Bombardier CRJ-200:

If you want to enjoy the wide personal cabin, which is available for more than 30 people, you can rent this plane and enjoy your tour to your required destination on time. Its various aircraft offer valuable spacious seats, expansive legroom, and other amenities.   

  • De Havilland Canada Dash 8:

 De Havilland Canada is one of the best private jets, offering better relaxation with more than 30 seating facilities. Its rental rates start from $2000 per hour, reach up to $14000 for ultra-long-range jets, and exceed $23000 for VIP passengers. 

Get advantage of renting plans:

These planes offer ample seating capacity, cargo space, and modern amenities to ensure a comfortable journey. You can find various advantages when renting an aircraft for 30 people and saving money; you must book your flight ticket in advance. Further, if you make your flight journey flexible and convenient, you will get the best commercial flight at the lowest rate. You will also get a direct flight to reach your destination on time. You will also enjoy the privacy and endless comfort while traveling within such planes and reach your destination on time. 


Thus, you can rent a pane for 30 people, explain your needs, and choose the best charter companies specialized in group travel. You can request a quote and enjoy your group travel with your colleagues efficiently.