• 02 May, 2024
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Can students get discounts on Emirates flights?

Students can enjoy special discounts and benefits when flying with Emirates. However, Emirates proffers a dedicated student program that provides cost savings and flexibility, making it an attractive option for students traveling for studies or leisure. Therefore, if you seek what the airlines offer to their students, some points state what the Emirates gives students:

Discounted fares:  The core benefit is a discount on the base fare for Economy and Business Class tickets. While the exact amount may vary, Emirates advertises the program as offering year-long benefits, so you can potentially find discounted fares throughout the year.

Additional baggage allowance:  Students get an extra baggage allowance on top of the standard limits Emirates sets. This can be particularly useful for students carrying more luggage due to study materials or personal belongings.

Flexible booking options: Emirates understands that student travel plans can be subject to change, So It offers more flexibility with its student fares. You might be able to change your travel dates or route for a fee (subject to availability on the new flight). In some cases, the program might even include a free date change within a specific window before the flight.

Benefits for companions: In some instances, the student discount program might extend to family members or companions traveling with the student on the same booking. This can be a great way for those accompanying the student to save on travel costs.

How do I avail myself of the student program at Emirates Airlines?

There are usually a few requirements that you should fulfill to enjoy these student benefits; consider the downsides readily.

Valid student ID or proof of enrollment: Your student identity card or an acceptance letter from your educational institution.

Booking through the program: Emirates likely has a dedicated section on its website or app for booking student fares. Alternatively, you might be able to book through travel agents who participate in the program.

Meeting eligibility criteria: There might be specific age limitations or other criteria to be eligible for the student program. Be sure to check the Emirates website or contact your airline's travel representative for the latest details.

Consider some crucial points while getting the student discounts on Emirates 

While getting the student discounts on the Emirates, there are some additional points that you must consider it:

ISIC card: The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a globally recognized student ID that might provide additional benefits when booking with Emirates or other airlines. You can check with ISIC to see if any Emirates discounts are linked to their card.

Third-party booking sites: While Emirates offers the student program directly, some travel websites or agents might have special offers or promotions for students on Emirates flights. It's always a good idea to collate prices across diverse platforms to find the best deal. Read about student discounts on Air Fare.

Conditions apply: Remember, specific terms and conditions might be associated with the student program. These could include blackout dates (periods when discounts are not applicable) or restrictions on particular routes. Make sure you understand the conditions before booking your flight.

Thus, by following these tips and leveraging the Emirates student program, you can save money and enjoy greater flexibility when flying with Emirates. So, the next time you plan a trip, check out the Emirates student program to see if you can qualify for some travel savings. For more information, you may continue to contact the Emirates customer service person at 1 (800) 777-3999. By talking with them, you can readily provide any information you want related to the discount or any service, and help you in getting it simply.