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Congregated information about applying for student discounts on Air Fare:

There are a number of travelers who wish to travel to their respective destinations and wish to apply for student discounts to save booking costs. Travelers must be aware of the fact that this discount is not available on every Airline and to every route; therefore, travelers must first check for availability and then proceed with the bookings. If you are looking for the process to use a student discount for your upcoming flight reservation, then you must carefully go through the details provided below.

General student discount policies:

All those travelers who wish to make flight bookings using the student discount must carefully go through the policies mentioned below. They must make sure they are taking them into consideration during flight bookings and also during their trip.

  • All ticket holders who have made bookings using the student discount must be aware that they cannot check in online and have to be available at the airport check counters at least 3-4 hours before flight departure.
  • Travelers must be 12 years or older to enjoy student discounts.
  • Travelers who wish to make flight bookings using student discounts must be aware that they cannot combine other discounts or coupons to make reservations to their destinations.
  • It is essential that all the travelers who have made up their flight bookings using this discount must be available with a valid Identification card. They might require the same at the time of check-in along with booking; therefore must carry a softcopy and hardcopy of ID proof.

Other important terms and conditions regarding Student discounts:

Apart from the general policies mentioned above, customers must also be aware of the other terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • Most airlines offer 5% -6% discounts on base airfare if bookings are made using the student discount.
  • There are many airlines that allow travelers to carry additional luggage to their destination if they make bookings using the student fare since there are lot many international students. Therefore it is wise to check the additional luggage allowance of your respective Airline before reaching the airport to enjoy the additional perks.
  • If travelers have made bookings using the student discount, then they must be aware that cancellation, rescheduling, and rebooking fare rules vary according to cabin class.
  • Travelers who made flight bookings using the student discount cannot transfer their tickets.
  • Travelers need to make flight bookings online if they wish to apply student discounts, as bookings are required to be made at least 7-10 days ahead of flight departure.

Airlines that offer student discounts:

Many travelers have doubts about which airlines enable them to make reservations using student discounts. They must refer to the following important and common airlines that lead them to make flight bookings to their destinations using student discounts:

The procedure to book tickets online using Student discounts:

Most airlines enable customers to make reservations using student discounts online. You can look for your fight and book tickets following the common steps provided below:

  • Go to the official website of the Airline you wish to make reservations from.
  • To find your tickets, insert flight origin, city, and destination.
  • You are required to mention your travel date.
  • If you wish to travel in a specific travel class, then mention your requirements.
  • You must also specify the number of travelers.
  • As you get the flight alternative, fill in the passenger's information carefully.
  • As you are taken to the payment page, Click on the promo codes or discount offers.
  • Apply the code and make the remaining payment.

Contact your Airline's customer service to get information about student discounts:

Travelers can also communicate with their corresponding Airline's customer service to gather information regarding student fares. Also, if they are having any confusion or wish to get their tickets booked using this discount they can dial the official phone number of the Airline and continue with the generated instructions. Finally, when they find their call attended by a live representative, they can clarify their issues and seek assistance with the flight bookings.

What documents are needed for students to get flight discounts?

Travelers who have opted for the student discount during the flight booking procedure must be handy with a valid identification card issued by a recognized institution such as a college or School of the country of residence. Along with that, they must also have a passport, flight ticket, and photo-verified government-issued identity card.

Can students get discounts on both one-way and round-trip flights?

Yes, travelers can get student discounts on both one-way and round-trip flights. One thing to be considered is that whether a discount will be eligible on your flight or not completely depends upon your air carrier. There are some airlines that only offer student discounts on international destinations. Therefore you must check with your airlines on which routes you can apply this discount when making flight bookings.

Conclusion: No matter which Airline you wish to travel with, be aware of the general student discount information provided above.