• 13 May, 2024
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Can I take a dog on Avianca? 

Yes, travelers are allowed to carry their pets on Avianca flights to certain destinations. However, these travelers must take the pet policies into consideration to follow the rules set by the airline and avoid any inconvenience. If you are not sure of the process of adding pets to your bookings or the policies, then it is important that you refer to the details given in the following section. Also, you must note to travel on Avianca Airlines along with your pet; you must be available with all the essential documents. 

Avianca Airlines important pet policies: 

All travelers who are in need to carry their pets on Avianca Airlines flights must carefully go through the following policies: 

  • Travelers are only allowed to carry one pet cabin that must be placed in front of their seats. 
  • The weight of the pet must be under 10 kg. 
  • The total dimension of the container containing pets on Avianca Airlines must be under 22*14*10 inches. 
  • Travelers who require emotional support dogs must make sure they are carrying them in a rigid container.  
  • Service dogs need not be carried in a container. 
  • In a cabin, only 2 service dogs can be carried. 

The process to add pets to your Avianca bookings online: 

Travelers can always add their pets while making their flight bookings. In fact, ticket holders also have the option to add their dogs after making reservations using the online steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official Avianca Airlies website. 
  • Click on the "Manage booking" option.
  • To proceed, you must enter the flight reservation code and the passenger's last name. 
  • As you get your booking, you must select the option of adding a pet. 
  • Now, fill in the essential details about your pet and make additional payments. 

How much fee is to be paid to carry a dog on Avianca Airlines? 

Travelers who are carrying their pets on Avianca Airlines have to pay additional charges from $45 to $200, depending upon their travel destination and time of travel. You can always get the exact pet fee information by contacting Avianca Airlines customer services.

What documents are to be provided to Avianca Airlines for carrying pets?

Travelers who are taking their pets to Avonaca Airlines must provide the following important documents: 

  • Travelers must have their pet's vaccine certificate.
  • Travelers must attach the certificate of health inspection of their pet.
  • If you are taking an emotional support dog, then you must also attach the letterhead signed by the mental head professional stating your disability. 
  • An Identification certificate must also be available.
  • Attach the rabies certificate of your pet. Read more information of Avianca pet policies.

Other things to be remembered to carry a pet on Avianca Airlines: 

Travelers who are considering their dogs to be taken on Avianca Airlines must take note of the following essential pointers: 

  • Travelers must make sure that they add their pets at least 48 hours before flight departure. 
  • If you are taking your pet on Avianca Airlines, then you must be available at the airport at least 2-hours before the flight's scheduled departure. 
  • There are restrictions to carrying your pets in business class on some Avianca Airlines aircraft. 
  • Travelers are not permitted to travel via Avonaca Airlines with their pets on all routes and at every destination. 
  • Travelers must keep their pets in the container during the journey and must make sure they are harmless. 
  • Pets that must be taken on Avianca Airlines must be well-vaccinated. 
  • Avianca Airlines does not allow minors to carry their pets on flights. 

Conclusion: You must now have curated all the details essential to carry our dog on Avianca flights. If you are still confused with any questions, you can seek the required assistance by contacting customer services using the official phone number: 44-208-976-7846 and collect a solution.