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A Complete guide about 'KLM Flight Change process, policy, and Fee.'

Suppose you book a flight with KLM and then need to make some changes in that due to a change in plan. In that case, if you are concerned about how to change your KLM flight booking, what are the various terms and conditions, and Does KLM have a change fee? Do not worry. KLM Airlines is a flexible airline in terms of changing flights, booking, refunds, etc. Unless you book your ticket with KLM directly, you can easily change flights with KLM anytime without any hassle via the website, by phone, or at the airport, subject to your fare conditions. The article will address all the important information you should take a look at to have a smooth flight change experience.

How to change a flight with KLM Flight?

Here are the detailed procedures for changing your flight ticket with KLM. Besides, changing flights online is pretty simple, whereas an additional non-refundable service tax applies if you use the phone options.

Change the flight via the website (Online Process)

  • Browse to the KLM official website and go to the 'My Trip' section
  • Now login to your account using the KLM credentials or the booking details
  • Provide the booking code and surname, and click on 'search.'
  • Select the itinerary you want to change, and click on 'Edit Reservation.'
  • Select the new date for your trip, and make other required modifications
  • You can save the changes and pay for the change fee and fare difference
  • Follow the ongoing commands, and when the changes are done, you will get a confirmation email soon

Change by phone:

You can call the KLM hotline at 1 800 618 0104 and follow IVR to speak to the agent. You can provide the booking details and ask the KLM representative if you want to change the flight. Follow the KLM agent instructions, and they will change your booking on your behalf. Pay for the change fee and free difference online and get your confirmation email. Note: If you change your booking using the phone options, an additional service tax of around $25 might apply.

Change the ticket at the airport:

It is a traditional way of changing flight; it is rarely used these days. If you want to change the ticket at the airport, go to the nearest airport and meet in person at the ticket counter. Share your flight change requests with them and inform them about your booking details. They will check the availability and, if possible, change your booking simultaneously. You can pay the KLM flight change fee and fare difference if it applies and get the confirmation email. While you use the airport option, remember to carry all necessary documents, including your passport, government ID, etc.

What is the KLM Flight Change Policy & various Terms and Conditions?

While you are making changes to the booking, there are specific terms and conditions you should consider:

  • KLM allows changes in the booking for free if your departure is after seven days and you make the changes within 24 hours of booking. Once the risk-free period passes, the change fee might be applicable based on your fare conditions, route, distance, etc.
  • The KLM flight changes policy applies to bookings you made directly from KLM; it doesn't apply to third-party bookings.
  • If you are an elite member or traveling in a higher class, you might be eligible for free changes to a certain extent.
  • The changes are subject to availability and should be done as soon as possible.
  • If KLM changes your flight or delays it for more than 3 hours, you might be eligible for free rebooking and, in some cases, opt to get a full refund of unused ticket value.

How much does it cost to reschedule KLM flights?

KLM Doesn't charge any fee unless you modify the booking within 24 hours and your flight is scheduled to take off after seven days. If you change the ticket later, the change fee ranges from $100 to $500 based on fare rules, distance, class, etc. Moreover, the change fee is waived if you change your flight due to a delay in KLM flights or other similar reasons. You can speak to KLM Airlines directly if you want to find the exact change fee in your case.

In conclusion, you can easily change the flight with KLM by walking through the details. Can I change my flight to a different date? The short answer is Yes! You can change the flight to a different date, subject to availability. If the booking is made via the website, call center, or airport, you can change the booking using the same source. However, you can speak to your agent directly to change the flight date if the booking is made via a third party. For more details or additional questions, visit the official KLM website, or you can talk directly to the KLM agent.