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Acquire detail for 15 year old flier alone internationally with Avianca?

Avianca Airlines, one of Colombia's largest airlines, provides the most significant facility for booking your flight ticket on its official website. It includes travel offers throughout the year and periodically discovers the best fare for you. Avianca allows a 15-year-old passenger to travel alone on domestic and international flights. This airline will no longer be available to provide unaccompanied minor service between the ages of 5 and 11. However, if a passenger aged 15 and older wants to travel alone internationally with Avianca, it will be essential to check out certain rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble easily.

Can a 15 year old fly alone internationally with Avianca?

Yes, a 15-year-old can fly alone internationally with Avianca, so you need to require valid documents and services effortlessly. It is also true that flying internationally as a minor can be a daunting experience, both for the young traveller and their guardians. However, Avianca is one of the leading airlines in Latin America, and it provides specific policies and services to ensure the safety and comfort of unaccompanied minors. Hence, if you want to make a flight journey more comfortable, you must go through this guide, which helps a 15-year-old fly alone internationally quickly. To ensure clarity, you must go through Avianca's uncontained policy below.

  • Avianca typically categorizes minors into different age groups to determine the level of supervision and assistance needed to make a flight journey suitable. 
  • Children aged 5 to 11 years are considered unaccompanied minors for international flights and must use the airline's UMNR services. 
  • If you are a teenager aged 12 to 17, you will easily be able to reserve your flight ticket with a valid seat selection.
  • Generally, passengers aged 14 or younger must travel with a parent or responsible adult over 18 and get significant services efficiently.
  • If you are 15 years old, you are required to show valid documents such as a valid passport, Visa if the destination country requires it, and a complete authorization form from the parents allowing a minor to travel alone.
  • Check Avianca's requirements and those of the destination country well before the flight for a 15-year-old flyer traveling internationally.
  • As a minor, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least three hours before a flight departure and have ample time to check in, clear security, and avoid unnecessary trouble. Read more about What is the kids policy in Avianca?

Book a flight for a 15 year old passenger on Avianca?

When it comes to booking a flight for a 15-year-old travelling alone internationally, you can go to Avianca's website or contact its customer service team easily. During the booking process, you are required to provide the necessary personal and contact details and send a special request. If you are looking for an unaccompanied minor service, it's important to do this over the phone to ensure all arrangements for making a flight journey more suitable. This way, a 15-year-old can indeed fly alone internationally with Avianca; on the other hand, the unaccompanied minor service is not required for this age group and they understand the rules and regulations efficiently.