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Is the carriage of pets permitted on Etihad Airways?

Yes, Etihad Airways allows pets to travel on their flight and they offer highly accommodating services and flexibility to their travelers who are willing to fly with their pets. If you need help or want to book your flight ticket with Etihad for your pet, then you can contact their reservation department, and they will guide you on how to travel with your pet and assist you in making the reservation.

What is Etihad Airways Pet Policy?

Etihad Airways permits their pets to accompany travelers in-flight, and they have set certain requirements that pet carriers must obey. Here are some guidelines that Etihad offers that every traveler must be aware of who doesn't want to fly with their pet.


  • For economy class, the pet carrier must have dimensions 16x16x9 inches, which must not exceed 50x43x50 cm.
  • Enough absorbent sheets are provided for pets, and passengers must ensure their timely use and disposal.
  • Changes and cancellation requests must be made 3 hours before the flight departs.
  • Any pregnant animal is not allowed to travel.
  • Only one pet per person is permitted on the Etihad flight.
  • The overall weight of the carrier including must not be greater than 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Your pet or pets must be 16 weeks old and healthy to travel.

Pet Carrier Guidelines.

These pet carrier guidelines a passenger must be followed.

  • The only food that is allowed on a flight is dry food for pets to be carried in the cabin baggage.
  • The food must be sealed and packed and must not have a strong odor that causes any kind of inconvenience to other associate passengers.
  • Pets should have enough space to ensure their mobility in their travel bag or kennels.
  • The kennels or pet travel bags must adhere to the under-seat dimensions.

Some Additional Rules.

  • If you are traveling with your pet on an Etihad flight, then it is your responsibility to ensure they remain in their carrier at all times, whether they are under your seat or on an adjacent seat.
  • In case you are traveling in Business Class or First Class, then your pet must be seated in their carrier but not permitted under your seat.
  • The pets are not allowed to occupy the exit row seats.

Some Restrictions.

Some restrictions may apply if you are traveling with your pet on Etihad Airways, and some of those are given below.

  • Any kind of sedatives to the animal are not recommended to be given except under veterinary supervision.
  • At the airport, if you need access to any of their party lounges for your pet, then it is subject to local airline or airport regulations.
  • Suppose a passenger made a reservation and shared an allergy statement, and another guest with a pet request made the reservation on the same flight then the priority will be given to that passenger whose reservation is made at the initial.

Route Restriction.

Etihad Airways has restricted their traveling with pet services on several routes, and those are shared below this line.

  • Only Ahmedabad and Kochi in India, your traveling is restricted to or from.
  • To or from any airport in Maldives, South Africa, Australia, Qatar, the UK, and the US, pet traveling has been restricted to or from any other airport.
  • Guangzhou and Shanghai airports are restricted from pet traveling on Etihad Airways.

Breeds Restriction.

Etihad has shared a list of breeds of pets that they have not permitted to travel on board, which you will find below.

  • Pit Bulls (American pit Bull Terrier Breed, Staffordshire Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully) are not allowed to travel.
  • Mastiff Dogs (Brazilian, Argentinian, or any other hybrid Mastiff Breed) are not permitted on board.
  • Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Canario Presa, Japanese Tosa, and Boxer are not permitted to travel in flight.
  • Any mixed breed of the above-given breeds of dogs are not permitted by Etihad Airways to travel on their flights.

Final words.

Let's wrap up the content if you are looking for answers to whether you can take pets on Etihad Airways or are pets allowed on Etihad flights? Then, hopefully, this guide helped you learn the policy and rules to take a pet on any Etihad flight. Reach out to customer support immediately if you need any extra help and assistance by using the contact number or visiting their official website.