• 16 Apr, 2024
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Delayed Baggage Compensation: What should you do know?

It is a dreadful situation where you have spent a long day flying, ready to collect your bag unfortunately baggage carousel stops and your bags are missed. In such situations, you can visit the Airline Baggage help desk counter at the Airport and ask them to track the baggage status as they have a tracking system to identify the baggage location. Here, you will find everything that you should know what to do if the baggage is delayed and how to claim compensation.

Am I entitled to get compensation for delayed baggage?

Most Airlines provide compensation to their travelers for the delayed/missed baggage. If you are one of them who is struggling to find your bags at the Airport but are unable to get them then you are supposed to visit the Airport Baggage office to inform them about the irregularity. As per airline policy, travelers are entitled to compensation for the incidental expenses they have incurred due to the missed luggage. But there are a few terms and conditions that should be met to get the compensation.

  • The airline will be liable to provide the reimbursement for essentials including toiletries and clothing when your checked luggage is delayed.
  • Some of the airlines do compensate only for the necessary items.
  • Passengers are advised to keep all the bills, and receipts carefully which must be originally dated as you need to submit the receipts to get the reimbursement.
  • You are entitled to compensation if the checked baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours.
  • You are eligible to submit the compensation only if you are traveling to a location that is not your home Airport.
  • In case, your delayed baggage can't be located even after five days then travelers can claim it as lost baggage and the Airline will pay for it without any documents.
  • You should remember that the Airline provides reimbursement for the essential items only not for the Luxury handbags and any limited edition products.
  • The customer must have reported the delayed luggage issue within 4 hours at your destination Airport or within 12 hours for the VIP Luggage delivery.

How to claim delayed baggage compensation on Airlines?

As soon as a traveler has noticed that the checked baggage is missing you can contact the Baggage Claim Desk at the Airport and inform the official about the irregularity. For delayed baggage claims, the passenger needs to fill out the Property Irregularity Report, which is an official document that needs to be submitted before leaving the Airport. Some essential details must be kept handy to quickly submit the claim form.

  • Booking reference code/ PNR Number.
  • You must have a Baggage Tag number which is generally attached to your boarding pass while Check-in.
  • A detailed description of the delayed baggage such as Size and color.
  • Traveler Permanent Address.
  • At last valid contact details.

Steps to submit the Delayed Baggage Compensation form online:

If you are unable to find the Baggage claim desk at the Airport then you can opt to submit the compensation form online which is available on the Airline's official webpage. To submit the form online, you must keep a few essential details handy such as confirmation code, PNR number, and others which are mentioned in the above information.

  • Passengers should open the specific Airline website.
  • Scroll the webpage to find the Information icon.
  • Click on the Baggage Section and the page will display multiple icons such as Check-in bags, Carry-on bags, and delayed or damaged bags.
  • Select delayed or damaged bags and then tap on the icon 'Submit a claim'.
  • Now the traveler needs to fill in the accurate information in the field box including a valid address and contact number.
  • The airline executive will check the eligibility and connect within a few days.

How much compensation Airline provide for delayed Baggage?

According to the Airlines Delayed Baggage Policy. Passengers are entitled to get compensation for the necessary items only you incur due to delayed/ missed baggage. However, the Airlines are entitled to provide compensation of around $50 per day for up to five days and $ 1700 for the international flight. But if the Airline fails to find the delayed luggage then it will be counted as lost time and they will pay for it therefore the reimbursement amount will be deducted.