• 15 Apr, 2024
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Tips for Maximizing Flight Rewards Points:

Frequent flyers can save a good amount of money by joining the Airline loyalty program and earning points and miles which can be used or redeemed to cover flight ticket costs and Stays, to purchase additional services. Airline reward miles and card points provide multiple incredible opportunities. Here are a few tips which you can use or keep in mind to maximize your travel reward points. 

Use Credit Cards on Every Purchase:

Try to make the big purchase with the Airline credit card within the specified time frame mainly within the three months of opening an account as it will let you earn a large amount of points and miles on every purchase. But you should make sure about one thing before signing up for a new card that you will spend responsibly and can afford to pay the credit balance.

Select a Card with Transferable rewards:

If you are a frequent flyer or prefer to fly with a specific airline then it is best to sign up for a new card with transferable rewards which gives the flexibility to redeem the earned points or transfer them to other cards for new flight booking.

Take benefits of Airline Alliances:

Passengers can use this another tip to maximize the travel points is to take advantage of Airline Alliances as it extends the redemption options For example - if you have enough reward points and planning to travel on United then you can switch to the earned miles from MileagePlus Account to its Star Alliance Partners.

Earn Reward Points for new Purchase:

Most of the Credit cards offer discount deals on different categories like travel, small business expense, shopping portals, and more which lets you earn points for the things you are purchasing that can easily redeemed for new reservations.

Redeem Miles as per your requirement:

You can redeem your earned points for several services such as seat upgrades, additional In-Flight services, complimentary meals, extra baggage, and budget-friendly property. You should make sure to use the transferable points wisely.

keep Reward point Account Active:

Some of the Airline loyalty program reward points do not expire such as JetBlue, Delta, United, Southwest, Virgin Atlantic, and Hawaiian Airline's however, it depends on the Airline's terms and conditions. The other way to keep your account active is by using the earned miles and points at shopping portals, dining programs, and donation/charity transferring credit cards.

What is a rewards card?

Airline rewards Credit cards offer several benefits such as cashback, travel miles, or points on every purchase you make via using cards. Passengers can redeem these earned travel points to cover the cost of flight tickets, In-Flight services, additional baggage, and customized meals.

How can it be beneficial?

There are multiple benefits that Airline reward cards offer such as Increased purchasing power, rewards like travel miles, or points, redemption  for new flight tickets, change, and last-minute seat upgrades from Economy to Business class. Passengers will have the opportunity to get complimentary Premium Economy Tickets and more.

Which is the best travel card in the USA?

Generally, there are multiple credit cards that are considered the best travel cards in the USA. Here you will find the list of a few cards for which you can sign up to take advantage of it.

  • Capital One Venture Reward Credit Cards.
  • Bank of America Credit Card.
  • Travel Rewards Credit Card.
  • Citi Premiere Card.
  • U.S Bank altitude credit card.

Which is the best card for international travel?

Here is the list of best credit cards for international travel:

  • SBI Elite Credit Cards.
  • IDFC First Wealth Credit Card.
  • AU bank Zenieth.
  • HDFC Diners Club Privilege.
  • RBL World Safari Credit Card.
  • Standard Chartered EaseMy Trip Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bank Signature Credit Card.