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China Eastern Airlines Reservations

Reservation and other services of China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is one of the leading airlines also known as China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited which is based in Shanghai, China, and operates domestic and international flights. China Eastern Airlines is a popular airline in China and operates in almost all the cities of its native country. Hence if you want to book flights in this airline then you can simply visit the official website of the airline. 

Types of the classes in Eastern China Airlines 

Depending upon the services in the flights, this Airline has four types of classes and with the help of China Eastern Airlines reservations steps. Tap below to find the types of classes in the airline. 

1.First-class cabins

This type of cabins has the costliest flight fare with most of the services.

2.Business-class cabins 

Business-class cabins are one level below the first-class cabin but the types of services are similar such as comfortable and spacious seats, in-flight entertainment, etc.

3.Premium economy Airline

Premium Economy Airline is one class below to business class and one level above economy class. The fare of this class is quite reasonable but the services are exactly like Business class. 

4.Economy Airline 

Economy class is the most economical class of every airline that can be afforded by every class of society and provides all the basic steps. 

The Baggage Policy of the China Eastern Airlines 

1.The baggage policy of China Eastern Airlines depends on the basis of your reservations in the type of class. For the details, tap below. 

2.For the first-class cabins, passengers can carry up to 40 kgs weight luggage including one handbag and other big luggage. 

3.Similarly, for the business and economy class, you can carry 30 and 20 kgs of weight. 

And if in case you carry luggage beyond the maximum weight allowed, then you have to pay a certain fee for that. 

Reservation Process of the China Eastern Airlines 

For making China Eastern Airlines reservations, there are few offline and online methods for the accessibility of the passengers. Scroll down for booking flights in the China Eastern Airlines. 

Methods of reservations in the China Eastern Airlines 

Online reservation 

1.To book flights online, you can visit the official website and tap on the booking section and click on 'book a flight'

2.Now on the booking page, select the destination you want to go and also mention the city from where you want to book flights. 

3.Moving next to the date of the journey. If you plan to travel on fixed dates then try to choose particular dates of coming and going. Or if you are okay with the flexible dates, pick anyone among the available ones. 

4.Mention if you are making a one-way journey or two-way journey or do you want to visit multicity!

5.Now specify how many people are traveling including adults, kids, and babies. 

6.Now if you want, you can also mention the class you want to travel by business class or economy. 

7.Moving to the payment section, if you want to pay for your flights with the help of miles, choose this option below and redeem it for getting flights at a much lesser price. However you can also use cash or card or partially cash/card and miles to pay for your flights.

8.Once you have filled up all the details related to the flight reservation, now tap on the search option and tap enter. 

9.As the list of flights load, pick one flight, and confirm your reservations by making a payment. 

Offline methods of booking 

You can also use Offline methods for making China Eastern Airlines reservations by following below given methods. 

1.Calling on the China Eastern Airlines phone number 

You can call upon the reservation helpline number and provide all your details. Make payment and request them to book your flights. 

2.Visiting the ticket counter

You can even visit the ticket counter of the airline and get your reservations done with the help of the staff on the counter. 

Manage reservation services of the China Eastern 

Apart from the China Eastern Airlines reservations, there are other services with which you can modify your reservation process. To make changes in the flight, you can follow the below-given steps.

1.If your traveling plans have changed and now you want to change your flight reservations, then you can take the help of manage reservations steps. 

2.Similarly, in case your trip only gets canceled then you can cancel your flight following the steps of the manage booking and apply for a refund.

3.And in case you have to check the flight status of your reservations, then follow the steps of the manage bookings. 

4.Similarly, you can also follow the steps to manage my trip to check your baggage policy or to make reservations for steps. 

5.To upgrade seats or to reserve seats, you can follow the steps of the manage my bookings. 

Steps to access manage to book of China Eastern Airlines 

1.To access the manage booking services of China Eastern Airlines, first of all, visit the website of the airline and click on the manage reservation section. 

2.Now a pop up will appear depending upon the services you can use. Pick any of the services discussed above.

 3.Now enter your booking details such as reservation number, name of the passenger, etc and hence can apply the changes.

And you are done! Applying the above steps, you can easily book a flight or even make changes in the flight of China Eastern Airlines. For more information, contact the China Eastern Airlines customer service team or China Eastern Airlines customer service phone number . 


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