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ANA Reservations

How ANA Phone Number helpful for all Flight Issues

All Nippon provides its flight services to all major cities around the world that includes those in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe. So, whenever you need to fly to your destination, all you need to do is get your bookings done on All Nippon Airways by calling on ANA flight phone number and experience one of the excellent flight services. All Nippon provides excellent domestic and international services and its international hub includes Kansai International Airport and Narita International Airport and there are a number of domestic hubs which includes Osaka International Airport and New Chitose Airport.

Features of All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is equipped with state of the art services and you can get access to its lounges even when you are flying in economy class, all you need to do is customize your booking.

Along with providing excellent in flight services, Air Nippon has introduced the customer services through helpline numbers, so, whenever you need to make enquiries or you need to get to know about the facilities that are offered in Air Nippon, all you need to do is contact ANA reservations team.

The customer service executives provide incessant support as they are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, so, whenever you need to know about the services of All Nippon, all you need to do is contact the customer service. You can also know about various policies which includes baggage, pet, and if you need to send unaccompanied minor you can enquire about all the policies by connecting to ANA airlines customer service.

Types of Classes:

When you need to fly with All Nippon, you can get your bookings done in any of the following classes:

First class: You get all the amenities that include relaxation lounge where you get to enjoy a variety of meals and the lounge spaces are exquisite. Besides this you get to access to the airport with priority boarding pass and on air you get exquisite comfort and there is wide variety of meals and drinks to choose from.

Business class: You are a priority member if you are travelling from business class, you get to board the plane from priority lanes and there are priority baggage services and you can experience fine dining and drink experience in the sky and you get access to wi -fi that you can use to do the work or for entertainment purpose.

Premium Economy class: If you choose premium economy class, there are services like priority baggage service, also you can have access to lounges, and on board, you can have entertainment which you can choose from hundreds of latest blockbusters, also you can enjoy duty free shopping. Additional lucrative service under All Nippon premium economy class is My Car Valet Service. Under My Cra Valet Service you can park your car at the airport and your car is returned to you upon your return.

Economy class: You can have access to lounge even if you are travelling into economy class, all you need to do is to pay a little bit extra and also you can order special meals from the menu, all you need to do is at the booking time, so, when you choose to travel from economy class, it is all comfort and you can customize your booking.

ANA Reservations Process

Booking steps of All Nippon Airways

If you need to make booking in All Nippon Airways, you can go through following procedure:

  • Call on ANA reservations phone number.
  • The agent at All Nippon Airways receives the call and you need to specify your requirement to the agent.
  • Make payment through credit/debit card.

With above process, you can get your ANA reservations done and even if you need to make any changes into your booking, you can do it by calling on the given number.

Also, you can make changes into your booking if you need any later on, even after booking has been done by calling on the ANA reservations team. If you use website portal to book your tickets but unable to finalise the booking, connect to ANA phone number and get your bookings done.

You can make following changes under manage my booking section:

Add number of travelers: You can add more travelers onto your ticket.

Add special meals: You can add special meals from the given menu on your ticket if you had forgotten to add it while booking the ticket.

Reschedule the flight: The flights can be reschedule i.e you can change date and time of departure under manage my booking section

Upgrade the ticket: If you need to travel from any of the next classes and you need to upgrade the ticket, you can do it so by calling on the given phone number.

All Nippon Airways deals:

ANA Customer Service Phone Number

All Nippon airways provides special discounts on its tickets often and there could be exciting deals on vacation package and being a regular traveler you can earn air miles. For more inquiries and to get your bookings done contact on ANA customer service phone number.


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