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  • How do I get a Refund from Air India?

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How do I get a Refund from Air India?

Air India is one of the major fly carriers of India that offer the best customer services. It is also a government owned carrier that manages the different types of flying services. However, for many reasons passengers need to cancel the tickets.

It is a common activity and can be canceled due to different reasons. For this, airlines offer refunds. If you have canceled the tickets, and looking for how do I get a refund from Air India? Then it depends on certain conditions.

  1. The airline provides a 24-hour cancellation risk-free period. If you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchasing, then you can get the refund
  2. If the ticket gets cancel in less than 24hours, then there will be some basic fare plus fuel surcharges will be deducted
  3. If the flight is the book for international destinations, then you may have to pay some amount as cancellation charges
  4. If the flight is the book for the domestic destination, then the amount may vary as compared to the international one
  5. For non-refundable tickets, passenger need to pay some penalty
  6. For refundable tickets, passengers can get the refund without paying any additional amount
  7. The time period of the refunds may vary and depends on the type of payment you made. If the payment is done with cash, then the time period will be 15 to 18 business days

In this scenario, you can get refunds. It shows that there are some restrictions. So if you are sure about the cancellation, then make sure you are aware of these terms.


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