• 18 Apr, 2024
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What causes the occurrence of heavy rainfall in Dubai?

Al Wasl was an Arabic name of Dubai. The city is one of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and was earlier called the “Crane Capital of the World.” They are mainly famous for promoting a lavish lifestyle and skyscrapers. While everything is acting in favor of amplifying the way of living, one element that acted sideways is its climate. Dubai is known for hot and dry weather, but recently, it has faced heavy rain, which has caused floods. Further, there could be many factors that could be responsible for heavy rains, such as “cloud seeding” and “climate change.”Up to the present moment, not only Dubai but all emirates of UAE are on Red-Alert.

Is it normal to rain in Dubai?

Obviously, it is not normal for it to rain in Dubai. The last heavy rain that Dubai had was about 75 years ago, which is why they never prepared for the consequences that come with it. It has rained just now, blocking many places and roadways with 4 inches of water. While it is not so obvious, Dubai does not have a proper drainage system.

Is Dubai flooding because of cloud seeding?

Yes, cloud seeding could be a reason for the Dubai flood. The simple way of defining “cloud seeding” is that it is a weather modification. These alterations are conducted by adding dry ice or silver iodide to cold clouds. Further, several meteorologists report five to six cloud seeding flights just before rains. So, the flood situation in Dubai is caused by these steps. But the main intention of introducing such a feature was to get rid of the water shortage.

Has there ever been a flood in Dubai?

Yes, there was, but it happened 75 years ago, and it didn’t cause damage like it is now. The current situation in Dubai is recorded as the heaviest rain in deserted nations of the UAE. This situation has created havoc on roads and the airport, which were the main functioning areas of the city.

Is artificial rain behind Dubai's rare torrential weather?

Yes, artificial rain is behind Dubai's rare torrential weather. However such statements are framed under many questionable grounds. It is because Dubai faced natural rainfall a year back, and climate change was said to be a reason behind that, so why not for recent rainfalls? However, there is certain evidence available that can support the theory of “Artificial Rain” because many meteorologists have reported “cloud seeding” just before rainfall.

Why did it flood in Dubai?

Dubai is mainly known as a dry city, but it is now underwater. This city has been facing heavy rains in the last few days, which has covered the city in water. While it is not normal to rain here so, there are most likely two major factors, which are-

  • Cloud seeding
  • Global warming or Climate change

Note:- The authorities also took appropriate measures by deploying personnel and water tankers in the flooded areas. However, disruptions in transportation, such as flights and metro trains, could occur.