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Airlines With Boeing Planes

Are you concerned about your airline's safety and wondering if they use Boeing? Do not worry. Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world, and it designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rockets, and other products worldwide. The company has faced challenges for the last few years due to various issues with its aircraft. These issues result in fatal incidents, crashes, and technical problems, creating insecurity among passengers globally. This is why the FAA now inspecting most of the Boeing planes. In one place, it's suitable for the passengers, but as most of the planes are from Boeing, it's affecting the operations a lot, causing cancelations, delays, rescheduling flights, etc. Coming back to the points in the article, you will learn more about which airlines use Boeing; stay tuned.

What are the Major Airlines that use Boeing?

The problem with Boeing planes has caused a lot of trouble with passengers. The FAA is grounding the problematic models to ensure the safety and security of travelers. However, the grounding has affected a lot of planes' schedules, some causing cancellations and delays. In that case, it becomes important to know which aircraft you are flying on and if they are also using Boeing. Here, we have compiled a list of major airlines that use Boeing.

United Airlines

Since United Airlines has a range of Boeing aircraft, it uses a wide range of Boeing fleets. United Airlines is among the biggest Boeing operators in the world. United Airlines is also struggling with the situation as passengers are becoming more concerned about safety and avoiding Boeing planes. The airline uses various Boeing plane models, including Boeing 787, 777, 767, 757, and 737. Among these planes, the Boeing 737 and 777 are among those with higher risk. United Airlines uses the most significant number of 737 MAX (9) plane models, proceeding with a transition to the Airbus planes. Changing the plane may help the airline with new operations.

American Airlines

Although American Airlines has a large fleet size, it doesn't have only Boeing planes. The American Airlines fleet is a combination of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The Boeing Plane airline uses 737 Max. American Airlines has always been loyal to its plane manufacturers, even after the Boeing controversy.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is also among the top airlines that use many Boeing aircraft. The Fleet size of Alaska Airlines is around 314, and about 20 % of this is Boeing 737 MAX(9). However, because Alaska Airlines began its operation comparatively early, the Boeing planes it uses are somewhat in good shape. Unfortunately, one of the Alaska planes has faced panel blowout issues; it is also suffering from Boeing issues.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines fleets has only Boeing planes. This is why Southwest Airlines has been negatively impacted since Boeing's planes were grounded or facing safety, technical, and other issues. The incidents over the past years have created distrust among passengers. This affects not only the plane manufacturers but also the airlines that use the plane manufacturers; Southwest Airlines is among those airlines.

The US airlines operating the Boeing 737 Max (9's) model are United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Although these are significant airlines with great reputations, you should always be informed of safety issues related to plane manufacturers. You can also get this information by visiting the airline's official website and the planes they use.

Conclusion: The article above guides you on which airlines use Boeing and why travelers are concerned about Boeing planes. Hopefully, you get answers to all your doubts. If you still need to know something, share your comment in the box below.