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Which city is JFK airport in?

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the major airport working in New York City. The city has seven airports in total, and this one is the busiest one. The airport has been providing the best services to visitors and passengers and trying its best to make their journey experiences unforgettable. The Airport was named after the 35th US President and has maintained its image since 1948. Whenever you are traveling in New York City, this is the airport you cannot miss.

Which country is the JFK airport in?

The Airport is located in New York City, the United States of America. When you have a flight to catch at this airport, knowing each detail about this is mandatory. There are 90 airlines that operate from this airport, which has made it the busiest airport for passengers. They have back-to-back scheduled flights around the world. The Airline has four runways that keep the traffic controlled during hectic hours. They maintain the services and keep the passengers comfortable throughout the journey with five terminals and several concourses. All the Airlines have different helpdesks available at the airport, so whenever you require any help, it can be accessed easily.

What is JFK airport in full?

The full form of the JFK Airport is simply John F. Kennedy, who was the political and 35th president of the United States of America from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. He was best remembered for the governance he performed during his serving hours. He was the youngest president elected at that time. The airport is located in Jamacia, the neighborhood of Queens.

How to reach out to JFK International Airport helpdesk?

Whenever you want to book flight tickets with JFK Airport or have certain things to enquire about regarding the journey, procedure, destinations, or routes, then you can visit the help desk of the Airport, and the executives available will help you with all the queries. All the required information will be provided to make the journey comfortable for you. We have mentioned some details about the airport that will be helpful:

  • Airport Address - Queens, NY 11430, United States
  • Airport Code - JFK
  • Email Address - [email protected]
  • Runways - 4
  • Terminals - 5
  • Offiical Website - www.jfkairport.com

How to call the customer executives of JFK Airport?

You can avoid visiting the airport by contacting them over the phone. For that, you will be required to know the customer service hours, the time to connect, and most importantly, the phone number. Therefore, you have to dial (718) 244 4444, the customer service phone number, which is available 24 hours every day to help and talk to the representatives. Calling them during the early morning hours will be the best as they have the least traffic to handle. Some other phone numbers are listed below:

  • Lost and Found - (718) 244 4168/4266
  • Parking Information - (347) 238 3231
  • Baggage Inquiries - (888) 250 8277

All the information about JFK Airport has been discussed, it will make things convenient and quick for you. If you have more queries about the journey, get to the Airport