• 02 May, 2024
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Things you should never do while flying on a plane.

As an intelligent flyer, it is always a good habit to follow the rules and guidelines of the concerned airlines to make your flying experience comfortable and convenient. However, most passengers lack information about "What not to do on a long-haul flight?", increasing the possibility of countering the hassle. Below are all the different and crucial points that you should keep in mind when flying with any airways. You will be provided with two sections: (i) inside the flight and (ii) when boarding a flight, dos and don'ts.

Pile up tips to make your long-haul flights convenient.

Long-haul flights last more than 7 hours. Due to their long duration, you are more likely to face issues on these flights. To avoid any problems or inconvenience, write down the points listed below. These points will ensure your safety, health, and comfort when flying with the respective airlines and also provide some additional advantages. You can also contact the airline's customer service to acquire information about their in-flight rules and policies for a pleasant flying experience.

  • Consuming Soft Drinks: Because the air pressure changes when flying, the biggest mistake you can make is to drink carbonated water during your flight. The pressure difference makes some flight travelers uneasy, and drinking soft drinks stimulates this process even more. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks and prefer water and or consume any flatulence-increasing products, such as apples, brown bread, beans, etc.
  • Using Your Phone: Most flyers habitually click pictures from the plane. It might seem very interesting, but you should strictly avoid using your phone or any electronic device because its signals can interfere with the aircraft's radio communication and navigation system. You should keep your device switched off or in airplane mode because even if your phone is locked, it may still overlap with the aircraft device frequencies, hamper their signals.
  • Wearing Contact Lenses: The air inside the plane lacks moisture, making it dry. Contact lenses usually dry your eyes, and when combined with the dry air inside the aircraft, they increase discomfort. Instead of contacts, you should wear glasses. When flying with any airline, you carry eye drops to ensure optimal eye health. If you prefer to wear contacts, you can use one-day contact lenses, which are much more soothing to your eyes.
  • Sitting Correctly: When you are flying in an airplane, your blood circulation of the body is slower. Sitting without movement increases the risk of thrombosis (Blood clotting). To avoid health issues during your flight travel, here are some tips you can use, such as taking short walks around the cabin, wearing comfortable clothes that do not restrict your mobility, staying barefoot inside the plane, etc.

What things you should keep in mind when boarding a flight?

Problems can arise on the flight and when you board your plane. Below are some points you should remember to ensure a smooth boarding procedure with the airline you are flying with. These tips answer the question, "What should you not do when boarding a plane?" Once you go through the points listed below, boarding the flight becomes much easier for you, and you also experience many other benefits, such as saving time at check-in, efficiently managing your bags, etc.

  • Stay Organized: Keep all your essential documents required for boarding, luggage, and other necessary items organized with you so you do not have to wait longer in the check-in line.
  • Keep yourself updated: Always stay updated about the real-time and latest flight schedule and timings of the airlines you are flying with to ensure no delays and manage your travel time to the airport.
  • Airline Application: Download and learn how to use the airline's application for entertainment purposes and accessing in-flight services, such as Wi-Fi, audio playlists, movie suggestions, etc.
  • Check for Alternatives: You should always check the aircraft and seat alternatives for your travel to prevent yourself from any inconvenience at the time of flight delays or cancellations.
  • Review Airlines' Guidelines: Review the policies and guidelines of the respective airlines to ensure that you are abiding by them, such as checking the allowed luggage weight, pet policy if traveling with a pet, etc.