• 18 Jun, 2024
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Things you must know about Delta Comfort Plus.

Delta Airlines has never left any passengers unsatisfied with their services. Delta Airlines always ensures that wherever their passengers travel in the world, they should get the best traveling experience every time they fly. To increase the flying experience, they offer multiple fare classes with different and exclusive services and perks, one of which is Delta Comfort Plus.

This comprehensive quick guide you will learn about the services and perks of this so if you are one who wants to book a flight with Delta Comfort Plus then after reading this page, you can decide whether traveling with this would be worthwhile for you or not.

What perks come with Delta Comfort Plus?

Delta Comfort Plus is more than just a flight, here you will be getting not only the extra leg space but also the next level of comfort comparatively to the economy cabin. Here in this section, you will find some of the perks that come with the Delta Comfort Plus. 

  • Early boarding: People with Delta Comfort Plus will be boarding early to the other regular passengers and can settle in the aircraft more early. 
  • Deplane Quickly: Delta Comfort plus members who board early will also deplane earlier than others, and it will help you seize the day at your destination. 
  • Extra legroom space: One will get extra leg space compared with the cabin members so that they can stretch their legs and rest more comfortably. 
  • Overhead Space: You will be getting an overhead bin space, which is exclusively reserved for you to keep your carry-ons. 
  • Amenities: One will be getting a few extra amenities like a pillow and blanket for comfortable and healthy sleep and an amenity kit that helps you on long-haul flights on international trips.
  • Snacks and entertainment: One can enjoy premium snacks and consume premium 1000+ hours of shows and movies with Delta Studio. 

Does Delta Comfort Plus get lounge access?

Unfortunately, guests with Delta Comfort Plus will not be able to access the lounge. To gain lounge access, one needs to purchase a Delta Sky Club membership and fly in first or in business class. You can try to upgrade to a first or business cabin. To learn more about the upgrade from Delta Comfort Plus, kindly contact Delta customer service.  

Do you get free drinks on Delta Comfort Plus?

This is good news that people who are traveling with Delta Comfort Plus will be getting free or complementary drinks on their flights. The drinks include beer, wine, and spirits. 

Is it worth getting Comfort Plus on Delta?

Delta Airlines is keen to offer a world-class traveling experience to the passenger, so if you planning to purchase Delta Comfort Plus or upgrade to it and if you have read what are the perks and services you will be getting, then you can decide by yourself whether it is worthwhile or not. Remember, in the end, the two things that are important first are how you travel and how much you are paying for that. Keeping these in mind will definitely help you find delta comfort plus worth.