• 30 Apr, 2024
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What particular ID proof is required for a Child to use American Airlines?

American Airlines flies from the USA and carries the most scheduled passengers annually. The Airline has different policies for children and asks for valid ID proof to offer them feasible services during boarding. Children should carry their original ID proof issued by the US government or any reliable organization. They should also keep these ID proofs with them for a feasible flight journey. Further, during check-in, adult passengers should share their children's passports or any valid birth certificate as certification with the available security personnel at the Airport.

What are the terms and conditions for Kids traveling at American Airlines?

Being aware of the Kid's policy is essential for simple air travel with American flights to any desired place. So, before using flights with infants or children, you should read the crucial American Airlines Kids Policy, and some of these rules are even highlighted in the below steps. The kid's rules will also help in carrying the necessary documents and other related items at American Airlines for air travel.    

  • Passengers who wish to travel with infants should arrive at the Airport and ask for early boarding.
  • You can carry one carry-on diaper bag for your child at American Airlines.
  • For nursing mothers, the mentioned Airlines allow breast pumps, breast milk, and carry-on personal items for their infants.
  • If you are traveling with families and have a child of 15 or younger years of age, American Airlines will try to offer nearby seats together for a comfortable journey.
  • Suppose you skipped seat selection and do not want to pay additional cost for children's seats; choose Basic Economy class because American Airlines will detect and help for the same.
  • American Airlines will not always guarantee children's seats but will try to offer adjacent seats near at least one adult passenger. 
  • Children's seats are also subject to availability because of limited numbers.
  • American Airlines allows a single seat for children older than two but less than 18 years with the same adult fare. However, children under five are not allowed to sit alone under any circumstances.
  • Only single infants under two years are allowed to sit on passengers' laps, and this should included during the reservations.
  • But infants under seven days old need doctors' approval, who must state about baby medical safety while traveling on American Airlines.
  • Additonal infants under two years need separate safety seats on American flights.
  • Also, if an infant turns two years old at the time of the trip, they will be assigned a new seat for the rest of the journey.
  • Valid government-issued ID proofs, such as birth certificates and passports, are required for kids traveling with American Airlines.
  • You can add infants to your itinerary during the booking or later after some time and contact American Airlines executives only if the baby is under 7 days of age. 

How to add infants at American Airlines during flight booking?

When you want to travel with your infants or child, you need to inform American Airlines during booking. You should only add the number of infants in the following ways at American Airlines.

  • Reach the official website of American Airlines
  • Provide all the essential details for flight booking, such as trip types, classes, arrival, departure, and travel dates.
  • Now, using the advanced filter, you can select the number of passenger details, including infants or Children who want to use American flights.
  • You can also choose the available seat for your infants or children at American Airlines before traveling.
  • Finalize the payment process for adult and kids' tickets as per American Airlines policy.
  • Once the flights are confirmed, you can check the status of your airline tickets using your registered email ID. 

Do I need to carry ID proofs for my kids on domestic American flights?

If you are traveling within the USA while using American Airlines, it is not compulsory to carry valid ID proofs for your infants. However, the situation reverses when you travel outside the USA. For children under 18, you should bring a birth certificate or passport as valid documents on all international routes. Also, to avoid problems with minor passengers at American Airlines, you must check all possible documents before air travel according to the policy.

Can Minors travel alone with parents at American Airlines?

Children under five years are not allowed to use American Airlines services alone, regardless of the situation. However, children aged 5 to 18 must fill out the consent form, which states they can travel without parental guidance. However, American Airlines has strict rules for kids and allows them to travel alone on its flights only if they have filled out the consent form as a letter of permission. American Airlines will also check the minor's consent, and depending on the situation, it will take care of the kids during air travel.

Thus, after reviewing the appropriate Kids policies, you can easily travel to any major destination with your infants or child using American Airlines flights.