• 28 May, 2024
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What types of aircraft are in Avianca's fleet?

Avianca developers have ensured to introduce perfect services, and what is generally not focused on by many airlines is airplanes, their seats, space, etc., but in the case of Avianca, it has ensured. So, if you are here to know what types of planes it has or uses to carry its fliers across the world, then you are at the right spot. The following sections will unlock everything about its planes, what qualities, what can fly in them, and various other things; please have a look and jot down if anything seems crucial to you; 

Unlock Airplanes Uses by Avianca. 

The types of aircraft in which passengers fly determine how good or bad an airline can be. But in the case of Avianca, it appears at the top when it comes to providing the best services including aircraft. Thus, below is a list of different airplanes you must know about; please have a look:

Boeing B787

This was primarily introduced as a significant remark on the commemoration of Avianca (100 years). This aircraft was painted retro to celebrate the looks of Avianca's plane in the late 1950s. Below are the pointers highlighting its introduction and specialty: please have a look:

  • This aircraft has a wide body with flatbed seats with twin aisles. 
  • Its engines and wings are fuel-efficient. 
  • It can carry up to 250 fliers with superior sound isolation to provide a relaxing journey. 
  • Some modern LED lightnings are installed in the flight. 

Airbus A320

This airbus was also introduced as a symbol of 100 years of Avianca. However, there are some advanced modifications made to align it with the present situation demand. Thus, to find out the same, you are suggested to take note of the points explained below: please take note of them:

  • It has an advanced diagnostic system that allows for surveilling operations from the cabin. 
  • It has a speed of 828km/h. 
  • It has a range of 4,500 km. 
  • It operates only for short to medium-haul flights. 


The main characteristic of this Airbus is it has two identical engines with a speed of 828km/hour. However, its body is designed to be quite narrower than the rest of the Airbus to give it speed. However, it's not only this; there are some more things to know, and those are displayed below; please have a look:

  • It serves short and medium-haul flights; remember, these flights are for International routes only. 
  • It can carry around 144 passengers and has an estimated load capacity of up to 17,000 kg at takeoff sea level. 
  • Its engines are fuel-efficient, reducing its carbon footprint and passengers' overall ticket costs. 

Avianca Airbus A330F Cargo

It carries freight from one destination to another and is the most sustainable. Below are some pointers explaining about this aircraft; please have a look:

  • It has a range of up to 4,000 nm with a capacity of 70 tons. 
  • It holds the capacity to transport around 23 pallets in the main cargo, and it holds 2 temperature zones. 
  • The body of this aircraft is wide, and has twin engines with a maximum speed of 913km/hour.