• 27 Apr, 2024
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What is the least expensive way to buy a plane ticket?

Traveling to the selected destination using a cheap flight is always a beneficial option, as they can get all the necessary services by paying the minimum fare. There are different options available using which customers can make cheap flight bookings, but the easiest option to get the least expensive ticket is by making the booking on Tuesday or during the part of the week. The flight fare in mid-week is lower as most travelers who travel with their families, friends, etc., want to travel on weekends or during the extended holiday season. On Tuesday, only business travelers travel, which is why the fares are lower. Most airlines have down their prices from approximately 10% to 20% on flights on Tuesday, which you can check after reaching out on their website, or you can see the fares on the airline's low-fare calendar.

What are the alternative ways to make the least expensive flight bookings?

Different online and offline modes are available, which you can use to make cheap flight bookings. However, if you are unaware of these modes, read below.

  • Make Advance Booking: Most airlines start flight bookings 8 to 11 months before the departure date, and the fares are the cheapest initial phase of the booking. The fare to make the bookings in that initial phase and remember that as the departure date approaches, the fares of the flights rise. 
  • Red-Eye Flights: The fares of the flight also vary depending on the timings of the flight; if you select a flight whose departure time is during business hours or between 08 AM and 08 PM, then you will need to pay the high fare charges, but to skip those high charges, you need to choose the red-eye flights. Read more information of what is red eye flight and is it worth booking?
  • Book through miles: When you create an account on the airline's official website or participate in the airline's flier program, you earn miles or reward points that you can use to make the booking. The miles or points are stored in your account, and you can also use them to modify the bookings.
  • Low Fare Calendar: Airlines offer flight prices according to dates, and these prices are mentioned on the Low Fare Calendar. From that calendar, you need to select the date showing the lowest prices. You must reach the airline's booking page, mention all the travel itineraries, and tap on the low-fare calendar option to check the prices. 
  • Avoid peak season: Every destination has its peak or low season; in peak season, airlines charge high fares, so try to skip that season and reserve the flight in the lowest season. Traveling in the off-season will also help you to get less crowd, low hotel fares, etc.

Do flights get cheaper closer to the date?

Generally, flight fares will rise closer to the date, but if more seats are vacant, airlines will offer many offers, vouchers, packages, etc, in the form of last-minute deals. The last-minute deals are mostly available when you travel in the off-season of the destination. You can check these last-minute deals by reaching out to the airline's official website.