• 04 May, 2024
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What is the Donkey Route?

The "Donkey" Route is a standard method used by different illegal migrants to dodge border fences or controls. At the expense of better employment opportunities, higher wages, and safe haven, they consider it to be the best way to migrate "illegally." However, the reasons extend to political instability, inflation, cultural discrimination, etc.., in the home country, making them believe Donkey Route to be an ace. Nowadays, it has become a hot topic among diplomats, administration, travelers, and, of course, a key source of income for agencies involved in such activity. 

This topic has miscellaneous wings; the more you dive, the deeper it gets. Worry not; further tabs will unlock whether it is safe, relevant data released by higher authorities, sickening results, etc. Kindly take note of the following; 

Is the Donkey route safe?

As far as the United Nations report of 2023 is concerned, nearly 8,500 migrants died in the year 2023, which is 20% higher than the year 2022 (as per the International Organization for Migration report). In the same report, it is mentioned that above 3,000 migrants died due to drowning. Despite periodic sickening results, people, at the expense of their life risk, choose the donkey route to get to their destination. 

The surge in these cases can be because of unemployment, Inflation, poverty, etc., leaving the population with no other option than migration. However, one must not forget to see the other side of the coin, that's human trafficking. This is a major threat worldwide, as humans are used as resources and sent to different countries for different purposes.  This has also spiked the cases of homicide, women or child exploitation, bonded cheap labor, etc., that are solely banned by all International organizations. 

Thus, based on the number of deaths of illegal migrants (who may also be responsible for political instability, spreading terrorism, human trafficking, etc), one can conclude it is never safe to have a donkey route as you will have to get through the sea route, desert, meandering land routes, etc. 

Is the donkey route illegal?

The donkey route is illegal as it involves avoiding different countries' borders, breaching regional and International law and order, creating disruptions, etc. Thus, it is always expected that one studies well in one's home country and settles there only or moves abroad. 

Does illegal migration affect the Economy?

In a hypothetical situation, a specific region has a population of 100 people, and they are finding a way to get into administration service with only 50 vacancies. Now, add illegal migrants through these donkey routes, who also somehow get Nationality and apply for the same. This creates, unemployment, thus affecting the Economy. 

On the other hand, those who illegally migrate in search of better jobs, etc., are often seen as cheap labor, and they get low-scale jobs, thus contributing to the economy. So, the need of the hour is to strengthen the cross-border fences along with stringent laws so no abruption takes place. 

What are the different risks of the donkey route?

Globalization has improved one's country's ties with others, and because of this, the exchange of culture, thoughts, currencies, etc., has increased. Higher wages, better employment opportunities, and similar culture, etc., shape a notion of the "donkey route." Reconsider the UN report, as written above, that over 8,000 migrants died, of which 24% departed due to drowning. Delve into the points explained below through which you will know what complexities occur; 

  • No Guarantee--- Indeed, the agents guarantee you will get to the preferred destination without any hassle, but this guarantee is not legal or authoritative. Thus, think before you decide to move. 
  • Scary en route experiences--- On your way, you may have to navigate dark forests and poisonous creatures. Devastating landscapes, seat routes, orders, etc. 
  • Food and Water scarcity--- Meanwhile your illegal trip, you may not get enough food to eat easily risks your life. 
  • Climate Variations--- Due to a wide geographical expansion, on some routes, you will experience extreme heat, while on other routes, snow. Human bodies do not tend to adopt this consistent climate variation frequently. 

You can hedge your bets by viewing the scariest experiences of the ones who preferred donkey routes over another legal method to shift to another country. By avoiding it, you can contribute to eradicating worldwide troubles, such as human trafficking, homicide, economic instability, unemployment, social issues, etc.