• 21 May, 2024
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Unlock the distinctness between Check-in and Boarding Pass. 

Imagine booking your itinerary and hearing someone say, "Ensure you check in on time with your boarding pass." Now, people are perplexed about check-in and boarding passes. So, to identify what these documents are, do they hold a similar authority, etc? So, the subsequent tabs will hit the right spot by providing you with complete details on their differences, how you can access them, and other relative things; kindly go through the tabs to understand; please have a look at the discussion

Spot the difference between Check-in and Boarding Pass. 

A boarding pass is a hard copy or a document printed at check-in either manually through the website at the airport or through the kiosk. It is necessary for the one to print the boarding pass after check-in as this will have your approval to get aboard. 

Is it possible to travel without a boarding pass?

Many people often wonder about keeping the boarding pass on a device, even during check-in. Despite this, they search whether the airline will allow them to get through the security check to get aboard. So, below are some points; kindly go through them; 

  • No, the airline may not allow you to board your flight without a boarding pass. 
  • Thus, always ensure you carry your printed boarding pass to showcase to the officials at the airport. 

Will you be required to check in if you have a boarding pass?

Once the confusion between check-in and boarding pass is cleared, people look forward to exploring whether they are required to check in again at the airport even if they have the boarding pass; so the answer is no once you have checked in already and printed a boarding pass, no need to repeat the process. 

How do you check in and get a boarding pass?

To get aboard, it is essential for one to check in on time, but this is possible only when you are aware of the methods. To know about the same, you are suggested to take note of the windows highlighted below; please have a look:

Check-in via the website 

It is always recommended to check in at least 3-4 hours before your International flight as through this, you can skip a chance of missing a flight. So, for that, below is a feasible method to check in with your airline, and that's an online method; kindly follow them;

  • Visit the official website of your concerned airline to start the mode. 
  • Go to the "Check-in" tab to continue.
  • Enter the PNR Number, name, last name, etc., and search the flight. 
  • After that, you can check in and the boarding pass will be sent to your account. 

NOTE: You will have to print your boarding pass to check in. 

Check-in via the Kiosk. 

You can use the second method to check in with your airline via Kiosk machines. Ensure you have the PNR Number, name, or other ticket-related details. So, get to the airport, approach the Kiosk machines, go to the check-in tab, and enter all the information. This will assist you in checking in. 

Approach the help desk and request. 

Every airline has the duty to serve its fliers by offering the best services. For their convenience, airlines allow fliers to approach the help desk and provide all their ticket information, and based on that, the official will check in. The boarding pass will be given there only. 

Are Check-in and boarding similar?

Always remember that to get the boarding pass or a boarding document, you must check in with your airline online, at the airport, or via any other available mode. 

Which comes first, check-in or boarding pass?

Generally, you will have to check in first with your airline to get the boarding pass.