• 15 Mar, 2024
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What are the fees associated with changing a flight on American Airlines?

On multiple occasions, customers need to make changes to their already booked American Airlines tickets, and they worry, "What is the change fee for American Airlines?" If you are struggling with the same question then you must note that America Airlines enables travelers to make changes for free, but they are expected to pay the fare difference. Change fees might apply to standby flights if they are scheduled for the same day to the same destination. The fee will depend upon the time at which the customer makes the changes. Roughly, customers are expected to pay $50-$180.

What are American Airlines' change policies?

Those travelers who have any condition that requires them to change their tickets need to make sure that they are considering the following important flight change policies:

  • Those travelers who made American Airlines flight changes within the initial 24 hours of booking can make the changes free of cost.
  • If ticket holders cross this interval of 24 hours, then they are expected to pay flight change fees.
  • If American Airlines flights are delayed for long hours, customers have the option to change their bookings.
  • Travel insurance holders are exempted from paying American Airlines change fees.
  • If travelers wish to make flight changes, then they will only be allowed if alternate flights are available.
  • In case passengers come across medical concerns, they can make changes to their reservations by informing customer services for free.

What is the American Airlines flight change process?

Customers have the option to change their already booked American Airlines flights either by following the online procedure or by communicating with customer services. The online procedure for American Airlines flight change involves a number of steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official American Airlines website.
  • Customers must now either log into their accounts or they can navigate to the "manage booking" section.
  • Flight information and traveler name must be typed in to find tickets.
  • When they get their booking, they must click on the "change flight" option.
  • A suitable option must be explored.
  • Customers must now pay the differential fare.

Change flight by contacting customer services:

Ticket holders also have the choice to request desired changes by approaching customer services. They need to dial American Airlines phone number: 1800-433-730 and present their booking information to get their desired changes. If required customers need to pay the change fee.

Reach the airport to request American Airlines changes:

No matter what change customers wish to make to American Airlines tickets, they can reach the airport to seek relevant assistance. If, after reaching the airport, they discover their flights are delayed for long hours, they can change their flight by approaching the customer service help desk They need to mention their booking details and ticket holder name to the concerned representative and ask them to change their flights. American Airlines representative will look for the available options and book tickets according to the traveler's preferences.

Conclusion: Customers must note the details presented above to make changes to their American Airlines tickets. Customers must always be available with the relevant travel document to validate their change request.