• 15 May, 2024
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What is the baggage allowance for international flights on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is a famous airline and flies to around 170 destinations in the whole world. the airline is known for the best business class and is the best airline that provides a lot of services and facilities to its customers. if you want to add a baggage allowance to your international flight, then there are some baggage allowance policies of Qatar Airways and also the rules and regulations for the baggage allowance. here in this post, you will find all the information; so read carefully. 

Baggage allowance for international airways in Qatar Airways

For the checked-size bag, the dimensions should be 158cm to or from Africa/America; for Dulin, it should be 240cm; for the other destinations, the dimensions of the bag should be 300cm. the baggage allowance from America and Africa is 2 bags/32kg each. for the other routes of Qatar Airways, it is 40kg. you can also check your flight ticket about the baggage allowance as it is also mentioned in the ticket and carry the bag accordingly to avoid any inconvenience or problem during the check-in process.

What is the baggage allowance policy of Qatar Airways?

Before going for the baggage allowance process, first, you must know about some of the baggage allowance policies of Qatar Airways that will help you throughout the process. The following policies are given below:

  • The baggage allowance depends on the ticket fare and flight.
  • There is no maximum limit applied to the number of checked bags. 
  • The maximum weight limit is 32 kg.
  • This also depends on the aircraft's carrying capacity.

How to get the baggage allowance from Qatar Airways?

You can get the baggage allowance from Qatar Airways easily through the various methods that are mentioned below, such as online at the website, by a call, and also by reaching the customer service agent at the airport. so read the information carefully that is given below and understand the process of getting the extra baggage allowance. Read more about baggage policy in Qatar Airways.

Baggage allowance at Qatar Airways through the online process: To access the online process, visit the Qatar Airways official website and then go to the 'my bookings' option visible on the screen. Fill out your booking details, and you will be reached to your booking summary page. You will then be able to add the extra baggage allowance to your ticket, pay the charges asked, and be done with the process. 

Baggage allowance at Qatar Airways via phone call: You can also add the baggage allowance by calling Qatar Airways' customer service executive at 1877 777 2827. After connecting to the customer service executive, ask and request that they add the extra baggage allowance to your ticket. The executive will help and provide you with the same.

Baggage allowance at Qatar Airways at the airport: Getting the extra baggage allowance at the airport is easy. All you have to do is reach the customer service agent and provide your booking details. Then, request the extra baggage allowance, and the airline will provide it. You have to pay the charges associated with the baggage allowance process.