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What Is the Age Limit for Child in Flight?

In this globalised world, one’s occupation can demand to move out of the native country and get settled in the company’s country/state. This is easy from the perspective of families have either grown kids but when a little difficulty comes for the families who have infants or small child. They wonder about the age limit for child in flight, whether they will be authorized to carry, is it safe to travel and other thoughts come. Thus, in the following discussion, you can explore almost every information on child age limits in flight, any general rules, how you can book a flight, and other things. So, take a look:

What are the general rules for children in flight?

Despite having different airlines, most of them have set standard rules for kids to travel on flights. These child age limit for flight ticket rules have been selected considering all the safety measures, apex authority’s guidelines, etc. So, take a look:

  • To be classified as infant, two years of age is must, thus, anyone between 2-12 years of age, is eligible to travel in a flight.
  • In most cases, infants of these years are permitted to travel at no cost, but in other cases, a 10% adult ticket is charged. 
  • If your infant is 1 year old during departure, but turns 2 years while returning, you may have to purchase an adult fligiht ticket instead of infant. 
  • Children above 2 years, may have to purchase a separate ticket fare to travel with the airline, but again it is determined by the airline’s policy. 
  • These rules are not restricted to one airline; they vary from airline to airline; thus, you are requested to keep yourself in the loop with all the updates. 

Do you need to purchase a flight ticket for 2 years infant?

As far as the current trend is going on, you may not have to purchase an itinerary ticket for infants of age 2 years. They can travel on the same seats as the adult/s. 

How do airlines determine if a child is 2 or 3 years old?

Whenever you fly with any airline, documentation or verification happens. Based on the same, approval to get aboard is given. 

Can a 3 year old sit on lap in flight?

As far as the most airline’s rules are concerned, infants above 2 years have to get a separate flight ticket and they are not permitted to travel on laps. 

Do you need to carry the original documents of an infant at the airport?

Many people wonder whether the airline verifies the identity of infants or children at the airport at the time of checking in, so to get the answer, you are suggested to take a look at the points;

  • The airline may or may not ask for any identity proof of your infant; however, to verify the age, the documents are required.
  • It is suggested to carry all the documents at the airport to avoid any hassle, and you can contact the concerned airline to get more details about the same. 

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