• 30 Mar, 2024
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What baggage policy do you need to follow in TAP Air Portugal?

Baggage is one of the essential items that you carry with you while traveling with airlines. TAP Air Portugal provides a proper set of policies for travel purposes of various bag types, such as carry-on baggage, checked baggage, oversized baggage, special baggage, musical instruments, etc. These policies decide how many bags you can carry, how much fee you must pay for the luggage allowance, etc. You can visit the official website of TAP Airlines for a detailed view of these policies. Below are a few of the important ones that you can go through.

What is TAP Air Portugal's baggage policy?

The rules you must follow for your baggage depend on varied factors, such as what kind of bags you are carrying, which flying class you have booked, etc. The following are some crucial rules you need to follow to take an item to TAP Air Portugal. You can also contact the customer service of the respective airlines if you need further assistance to learn about all kinds of baggage categories in depth.

  • You can carry one bag and one personal item in Economy Class and Business Class if traveling from /to North America.
  • Business Class allows two bags and one personal item if flying from/to South America, Europe, Africa, or domestic flights.
  • The maximum handbag dimensions should be 55x40x25 cm/22x16x10 inches, with a maximum weight of 10 kg/22 lbs.
  • Personal items should not exceed 2 kg/4.4 lbs with maximum dimensions 40x30x15 cm/16x12x5 inches.
  • Personal items include walking aids, bags, duty-free shopping bags, and medical devices.
  • The bags should comfortably fit under the seat in front of you; if not, they should be stored in the overhead lockers.
  • For checked baggage, the maximum height+length+width should be 158 cm, and the weight should be 23 kg in Economy and 32 kg in Business class.

How much must you pay for your luggage in TAP Air Portugal?

You need not pay any fee for your carry-on baggage, including personal items and hand baggage. TAP Air Portugal airlines charges a fee for the other kinds of luggage. The charge you need to pay varies due to many factors, such as the weight of your bags, how many items you are carrying, under which category your baggage falls, etc. On average, the fee ranges from $35 to $350. Moreover, you must pay an additional charge if you have extra luggage.

What should you do if there is a baggage issue on TAP Airlines?

TAP Air Portugal also provides a dedicated channel for lost, delayed, and damaged baggage. If your luggage has been misplaced, you can fill out the Lost & Found online form on their official website. You must fill out this form within 24 hours of arrival and avoid waiting in line at the airport. In case of tampered bags, you must visit the Lost & Found desks near the carousels where the bags arrive. They will register your complaint and issue a respective document. Most baggage is delivered within 48 hours of registering the loss.