• 12 Apr, 2024
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Changes to Delta Airlines’ boarding: All that you need to know.

Boarding a mandate to fly on Delta Airlines. And with Delta Airlines, it is the same as well. Recently, Delta Airlines announced that it would refurbish its boarding process. From the 1st of May, 2024, the changes declared shall be applicable. According to the newly declared systems, the passengers will be divided into eight boarding zones, making it easier and more familiar for travelers and the airline. The details of Delta Airlines boarding process changes are given in the article below, which you may read and find assistance in. You may read the article and get hold of the details.

Specifications of Delta Airlines boarding.

With the changes that are made to Delta Airlines boarding, a few specifications about the same are as follows:

  • Delta has changed its boarding process to a number-based system.
  • The printed boarding passes accessed at the airport or from the Fly Delta App shall have the boarding zone numbers.
  • The new boarding process is more aligned and self-intuitive.

What are the changes in Delta Airlines boarding process?

An airline website map shows where passengers boarding with Delta Comfort+ will board in Zone 3, and those boarding with Sky Priority in Zone 4. Passengers traveling in basic economy will board in zones eight and up. The passengers of Delta Airlines are welcomed to the aircraft and the boarding is done in the below-mentioned manner as per their zones. These are as follows:

  • Delta One and first-class Customers are assigned to Zone 1.
  • The Zone 2 boarding is applicable for Diamond Medallion members and Delta Premium Select Cabin Passengers.
  • Then, passengers with Delta Comfort+ are allowed to board in zone 3.
  • Zone 4 is allotted to Sky Priority passengers.
  • Passengers on Main Cabins 1,2, and 3 are assigned boarding zone 5, 6, and 7, respectively.
  • Basic economy passengers are allowed the last boarding zone, i.e., Zone 8.

Old Delta Airlines Boarding Groups.

The specifics of each group's eligibility to board an aircraft that Delta operates which previously existed is mentioned below in the points:

  • The pre-boarding zone is eligible for active US military personnel and passengers who need additional time from customers.
  • Delta One boarding zone is eligible for Delta One passengers.
  • First class or Delta Premium Select boarding zone can be accessed by the first class and Delta Premium Select passengers.
  • Passengers with small children are then given priority in boarding the flight.
  • Then comes the boarding zone named “Sky Priority” for Platinum Medallion members, Gold Medallion members, Flying Blue members, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members, and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.
  • The boarding zone, “Main Cabin 1” is for American Express cardholders, corporate travelers, etc.
  • Passengers of the main cabin are allotted the “Main Cabin 2” boarding zone.
  • The last but one boarding zone, “Main Cabin 3” is allotted to the passengers with T, X, and V fare codes.

Comparison between Old and New Boarding Groups.

Below is a quick comparison between old and new Delta Airlines boarding process groups. The points given explain the same:

  • There are eight different boarding categories. Passengers do not need to adhere to the color code during preboarding.
  • Delta One customers will board transcontinental aircraft first, after pre-borders.
  • Sky Priority is pushed back in the order by Delta Comfort Plus.
  • There has been no change in the boarding order for Delta Main Cabins 1-3 and Basic Economy.
  • Also, there are now two distinct areas in the Premium boarding zone. The first boarding zone is designated as Delta One on aircraft having a Delta One cabin. First Class or Delta Premium Select is the other zone.

Benefits of Delta’s boarding groups.

With the change in Delta Airlines’ boarding groups, numerous benefits can be availed. These are as follows:

  • The new change in boarding groups has made it easier for passengers to understand their boarding numbers.
  • It makes the Delta Airlines boarding process easier for the ground staff of the airline.
  • Purchases of priority boarding can be made for early required boarding.
  • The delta purchase of priority boarding costs around $15 to $30. This, however, shall vary from one another.

Final Words- Delta continuously strives to improve its customers' travel experiences. The revised boarding procedure has greatly raised passenger satisfaction. Passengers arrive at their destinations on schedule thanks to the boarding order. For any further assistance, you can reach out to Delta Airline's customer executive.