• 17 Jun, 2024
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What are the details of Avianca's cancellation policy?

Avianca does provide every passenger with the option of flexibility in terms of ticket change, rebooking, cancellation, or refunds, and for that essential understanding, the airlines also have a set of essential norms to follow with each specified issue. Thus, in matters where you need to cancel your flight ticket due to any unfortunate travel difficulty, then at Avianca, you are supposed to get along with the cancellation policies, and then you are also going to get with the ticket cancelation procedure. However, suppose you need the basic points for the Avianca Cancellation Policy. In that case, you should get on the following page because, after the complete details in terms of policies, you can easily cancel your flight ticket. 

Essential norms regarding Avianca's cancelation policy:

  • Passengers at Avianca have a chance to avoid the extra ticket cancellation charges, but for that, you are required to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours. 
  • Next, the point for the ticket cancelation policy at Avianca states that if the passenger cancels the flight ticket ahead of 24 hours of purchase, then you will have to pay for the general canceling charges.
  • In conditions where the passenger cancels the Avianca flight ticket at the very last minute, then the airline is liable to charge you with the cancelation charges which depend on the fare type, class, route, or destination. 
  • Travelers who have bought business or first-class flight tickets at Avianca are liable to cancel the ticket without charges. But the airline will refund you in the form of travel credits. 
  • If you canceled the flight ticket and proceeded with the refund procedure, you should understand that the refund will depend on the medium. If you make a booking online, it will take 5-10 business days; booking at the airport will take 15-20 working days. 

How do I cancel Avianca's cancelation policy?

When you need to cancel your Avianca flight ticket online, you are supposed to get along with the following page, and from here, you will learn the steps to cancel the flight ticket easily. Now, to get along with the official site page ticket canceling steps, you must read the following points. 

  • Go to the official site page of Avianca 
  • Now, you need to browse the Manage My Booking option
  • Enter the booking reference number/PNR number and last name of the passenger
  • Click on the search itinerary button onscreen, and you will get displayed the flight ticket onscreen 
  • Once you get your flight ticket on-page, tap over the cancel option, and you will have to proceed accordingly.
  • Next, you need to proceed with the description of the Avianca cancelation ticket reason under 1000 characters.
  • Finally, tap the submit button, and you will submit the flight ticket at your convenience. You will then receive the confirmation email.

Can I cancel Avianca's flight ticket via phone?

Yes, customers can cancel the flight ticket not only through the official site page. Instead, you are allowed to use the phone number, and with the help of the call steps, you will get in touch with the call representative, and you will get immediate assistance.

  • Dial Avianca's customer care phone number: 1-866-919-0081
  • Pick the language and listen to computerized call commands
  • Now press the option that refers to the ticket cancelation 
  • Next, automatically, your call will get transferred to the customer care executive, and you will get immediate assistance 
  • Finally, when you are in touch with the executive, you will have to discuss the ticket-canceling procedure accordingly. 

Henceforth, using the above information, you can cancel your Avianca flight ticket. However, if you cannot proceed with online or official cancellation steps, you can head to the airport to get immediate assistance directly from the executive answers in terms of cancellation.