• 24 May, 2024
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What is American Airlines' loyalty program?

A comfortable journey with American Airlines is never always linked with an "on-time flight." It is something beyond that. For example, seats should have extra legroom and be comfy, meals and beverages, unlimited upgrades, or, in a nutshell, you will be given premium services when there is an American Airlines loyalty program. So, delve into the tabs to unlock details of its loyalty program, how you can join, some perks, their miles evaluation, and other things; please have a look:

What is the name of the loyalty Program of American Airlines?

American Airlines has started its loyalty program with the name of AAdvantage. With this, you can avail of several perks proposed by the airline, including free upgrades, miles, discounted flights, etc. 

Find the types of AAdvantage of American Airlines. 

Any passenger is eligible to become an AAdvantage program. However, the only thing is required from you to have the frequent flyer number and a related account where you can see your earned points/miles. Below are the copious loyalty programs; kindly take note:

  • AAdvantage Gold.

  • AAdvantage Platinum.

  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro.

  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum.

How do you earn Elite Status in AAdvantage?

American Airlines offers a loyalty program to set their frequent flier passengers apart from others. Once a flier knows everyone is eligible, the immediate question that pops into their minds is, "How to earn an Elite Status." So, for your convenience and better in-flight experience, below are the tips and tricks you can adopt; have a look:

  • Fly Frequently--- To earn the status, you must frequently fly with American Airlines, Oneworld, or other affiliated partner airlines. Certain Points will be deposited in your account, and based on that, you can purchase. 
  • Use Credit Card--- You need to shop, either at the market, at the airport, etc., through an American Airlines credit card, and you will earn points, which will lead you to become an elite club member. 

NOTE: You will be awarded 1 Loyalty Points for each Eligible AAdvantage Mile. 

Unlock the Loyalty Points Required for Elite Status on American Airlines. 

Without keeping your foot on a plane, American Airlines offers an opportunity to fliers to earn loyalty points that can be used to use its premium services. So, you are advised to take note of the following points;

  • For the basic "Gold" level of Elite status, you require 40,000 loyalty points.
  • For" Platinum," you need 75,000 Loyalty Points to be eligible for it. 
  • Accumulate 125,000 points to be eligible for the "Platinum Pro" elite level. 
  • For the "Executive Platinum" level, pile up 200.000 points. 

What are the types of Credit cards that earn AAdvantage Miles?

If you want to avail of the premium services of American Airlines, want to join its elite status, you must shop through their credit cards. After knowing this, a common concern that comes is the types of credit cards eligible for the same. So, for the same, you are requested to take note of the given point; please have a look:

  • American Airlines AAdvantage Mileup. 
  • Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard. 
  • Executive World Elite Mastercard. 
  • Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard. 

Should you buy AAdvantage Miles?

As per the reports, it is not recommended to purchase these miles as this may be an expensive way to get premium services. Thus, you should get an American Airlines credit card and shop from them. This will help you earn loyalty points, and accumulations can gain you an elite status. 

Perks of American Airlines Elite Status. 

You can avail of a multitude of perks by joining an elite status on American Airlines, and some of them are below; please look:

  • Additional luggage allowance. 
  • Change your flight multiple times. 
  • Priority boarding. 
  • Upgrade your Itinerary at low or zero cost.