• 31 May, 2024
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What does the American Airlines AAdvantage program entail?

Travelers who frequently fly with American Airlines must wonder about their AAdvantage program. This program has been introduced for loyal customers who always choose AA for their travel needs. The American Advantage program offers exclusive perks with flight bookings and rewards, each pending with the airline. Miles and loyalty points are credited to the members of this program as a reward, which can be later redeemed for multiple things. 

How much does the AAdvantage program cost?

Joining the AA Advantage program is free. Travelers can register their accounts on the main site of American Airlines and start earning miles with every purchase. The steps you might be looking for to sign in for the AAdvantage program are given below:

  • Head to the homepage of American Airlines, 
  • Select the AAdvantage option to open a new tab,
  • Then, click on the option of “Join AAdvantage,”
  • Fill in the information on the given columns, such as:
    • Full name
    • Contact number
    • Address
    • Email
  • Then, create and confirm your password,
  • Read the terms and conditions and then agree,
  • Tap the Continue key and select your preferences on the new page,
  • Choose how you like to be notified about the discounts and offers,
  • Then, complete the setup of your AAdvantage account. 

What are the benefits of the AAdvantage program?

There are several benefits to joining the American Advantage program. A few of the advantages you will get being a loyalty member are briefed below:

1. Earning Miles and Loyalty Points

The top-most benefit of joining the program is earning miles and loyalty points whenever you book a flight with American Airlines. The earned miles with the AAdvantage account can later be redeemed to get a discount on the original fare of a flight ticket.  

2. Upgrade Eligibility 

The members of the AAdvantage program will be on the free upgrade list of American Airlines. So, by joining the program, you will unlock an opportunity to fly in the higher class with the cost of basic fare. American Airlines often provides complimentary upgrades to the passengers on the availability of seats in the higher class, and the loyalty members get priority. 

3. Priority Boarding 

You must be familiar that there are boarding groups assigned by American Airlines depending on numerous factors. The AAdvantage members fall into the priority boarding group depending on their status. So, by joining the AAdvantage program you will not have to wait much to bollard your flight. 

4. Access to exclusive offers

American Airlines often offers exclusive offers for flight bookings, seat upgrades, and travel packages. These can help travelers save an adequate amount on their travel arrangements. 

How to redeem American Airlines Miles for a flight booking?

In case you have earned some miles with your previous travel with American Airlines and are now looking forward to redeeming the same for a flight booking, follow the given online booking instructions:

  • Access the main page of American Airlines on your device,
  • On the Book tab, you have to enter the required destination with the date and no. of passengers,
  • Now, on the search page, you must click the “Redeem Miles” option,
  • Then, you will be prompted to log your AAdvantage account,
  • After that, choose the desired flight to book from the available list,
  • You must provide the mandatory passenger details on the directed page,
  • You can also select a seat of your liking or add services to the booking,
  • On the final page, the total fare will be compensated with the available miles on the account,
  • You may have to make payment of the balance amount online,
  • As the total fare is paid, your booking with American Airlines will be completed, and the ticket will be sent to your email.