• 03 Jun, 2024
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UAE’s Green Visa: Thorough details of the needful. 

Considered as one of the highest form of validation for your stay in UAE, Green Visa is indeed crucial. Once you acquire this visa, you would be able to sponsor yourself for a time period of 5 years of residency, which helps you to continuously reapply ofr the UAE national or the employer to sponsor your visa. There are indeed various factors pertaining to the same, the specifications to which is given here for you to look through. 

How much does a Dubai green visa cost? 

The cost of the Dubai Green Visa would cost you a total of 2280 AED. Apart from this amount that needs to be paid you need to make a payment of 575 AED as ID card fee and a total of 320 AED as medical services fee. The total cost also varies depending on the dependants that are there on the primary applicant. 

What are the benefits of a UAE green visa? 

There are various benefits of getting a UAE green visa, the specifications of which are given here as follows:

  • The UAE Green Visa ensures that you get to sponsor and give in the ability to your family members, which includes spouse, children and first degree relative to come to UAE and settle there. 
  • The total residency time period allocated to the family members would align in same as the total time given to the original holders of the visa. 
  • Added advantage is given to the holders of Green Visa to stay in UAE till a time period of 6 months from the time the residence permit has expired or has been cancelled, which acts as a grace period. 
  • All the special category children of visa holders would be given a residence permit, no matter what age they are at. 
  • Green Visa holders are provided with the scope to sponsor residence visa of their son’s till the age of 25 years and daughters till the time they are not married. 

How long does it take to get a green visa for Dubai?

Usually, if you fall through all the requirements that have been specified in accordance with the green visa in Dubai, the visa would be processed within a time period of one to three months. This does change with the requirements that the applicant has put forth. Usually, the minimum time taken to process the Dubai visa is one month. 

Can you work in Dubai on a green visa? 

Yes you can work in Dubai on a green visa as part of the skilled profession that you have been doing. Indeed, once you acquire the same, you would be able to live in the country for a total time period of five years, wherein, you would not need the approval of the employer or the sponsor to continue with the job, business or the freelancing you are doing. This even gives in the liberty to you to bring in your family under the resident visa that gets allotted to you for the time span of five years. 

Is it possible to apply for Green Visa without having the educational requirements?

No, you will not be able to apply for the Green Visa if you donot meet the educational requirements that have been out forth for you to give in your application for the same. 

Is is allowed to make the switch from another category visa to Green Visa?

Yes, it is possible to make the switch to Green Visa from another category through the official website whenever the need for the same arises for you. 

What is the salary criteria for Green Visa?

In case if skilled employee the salary should be minimum 15000 AED and for a freelancer it is 360000 AED of 2 years.