• 15 Mar, 2024
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What are the consequences of failing to attend a scheduled flight?

There can be unpredictable situations that could cause you to be unable to board your flight. In this case, a common question that arises is, 'Is it better to cancel a flight or be a no-show?' This question is common because people often try to avoid going through the cancellation procedure. You can refer to the points below to discover the consequences of a flight no-show.

  • Cancellation Fee: If you do not show up for the flight, you may be obligated to pay a high cancelation charge as a penalty. The fee will vary from airline to airline.
  • Refund Issues: You will not only have to pay an expensive cancellation fee, but you will also be unable to claim a refund for your flight cancellation. So, it is a double loss for you.
  • Flight Complications:- Some airlines also have 'No-show' policies, which state that all other flights associated with your bookings will be automatically canceled.
  • Airline Issues: If you purposely and frequently do not show up for your flight, then the airlines may take action against you, such as not providing access to airline miles, etc.
  • Unnecessary Expense:- The airlines will not be responsible for your new flight purchase if you want to board the flight for which you did not show up. You have to repurchase new tickets.

What should you do instead of a no-show for a flight?

Through the above points, you discovered, 'What happens if you don't cancel a flight but don't show up?' So, the best way would be to withdraw your seat reservation if you cannot fly with the concerned airlines for any reason. You can adopt the following ways to cancel your flight and save yourself from the cancellation fee. You can even get a refund for your flight cancellation if you pass their criteria. All the listed methods are equally effective, but select the one that works best for you.

Get help from the airlines' representatives via call.

You are advised to get the assistance of the concerned airline's technical team representatives to process your flight cancellation procedure. You just need to dial the customer service number to approach them, and you can ask their officials about the procedure for canceling your flight and the policies you need to follow. Most airlines provide a 24-hour immediate service to their consumers with a high response time. To cancel your flight, you need to follow the instructions given in the IVR precisely.

Cancel your bookings through their website.

Another easy way to edit and cancel your bookings is to visit the official website of the respective airlines. The website offers its users a structured and user-friendly interface, making it comparatively more efficient in processing cancellation requests. This is an ideal method for those who do not like to get assistance from airline officials. The names of the options will vary depending on the airlines you are trying to contact, but the process stays pretty similar. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to the official website of the concerned airlines.
  • Tap on the 'Manage my bookings' tab to continue.
  • Enter your details like booking references, etc.
  • You will be provided with your flight details.
  • Edit your bookings and press the 'Cancel' button.

Reach the helpdesk of the concerned airlines.

You can also approach the airline agents by visiting their helpdesk. This is a suitable option for those who are at the airport and need immediate assistance or have an airport nearby. The technical team always stays at the helpdesk to resolve passengers' issues. You can also check the facilities they provide at the airport, like the parking lot, car rental services, etc. Ensure you have your documents and flight details handy so they can process your request smoothly.

What is the flight cancellation policy?

All airlines have policies related to flight cancellations that you need to follow. This decides whether you have to pay the cancellation charge, how much fee you need to pay for the cancellation, etc. Here are some of the basic rules you will find in most airlines. You can get detailed information about the cancellation policies by visiting the official websites of the respective airlines.

  • Cancellations that are made within 24 hours of ticket purchase do not require any cancellation charge.
  • You must pay the cancellation fee if you cancel your flight after one day.
  • Also, if you used the award miles for the flight purchase, you may be allowed a free cancellation, irrespective of the time.
  • The fee you must pay will vary due to factors like the class you booked, any special requests, etc.
  • Members of any frequent flyer program or elite club may receive an exemption on the time limit.