• 04 Jul, 2024
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What advantages does the Qatar Airways Student Club offer?

Qatar Airways offers you the option to be a student club member, where you tend to get several benefits from the airways. To know about the following, you can bring your focus to the information as mentioned beneath and get updated with the exclusive benefits you can avail of being a student club member.

  •  As a member of the Qatar Airways student club, you are eligible for a 10 kg extra baggage allowance by presenting your digital Student Club membership card, student ID, university acceptance letter, or student visa at check-in.
  • After joining, you will receive a special flight fare and a 10% promo code when you join the club. Thereafter, you will get 15% off your first trip and 20% off your second and third trips.
  • Along with all the benefits, you can change the date for your scheduled flight ticket for a fee. as a member of the student club.
  • Student Discount
  • Qatar Airways student club members get complimentary onboard Wi-Fi services. Connect your device and use the internet service throughout the journey.
  • You get the companion pass, where you can share your benefits when pre-selecting members of the family or else heading to invite friends to be student companions.

Is the Qatar Student Club worth it?

As students, those who enroll in student clubs will also become members of the Qatar Airways Privilege program. And if you wonder if it is worth the hype, well, to bring this to your notice, there are several benefits you tend to get after being a member of the Qatar student club. Therefore, you get access to all the special fares on the flight. Whereas student dares offer increased flexibility.

What is the age limit for Qatar Student Club?

Student is a term used for a person studying to get a particular degree or has joined a well-known higher education provider, as there is no specific age for being a student in our educational system. But talking about being a member of the Qatar student club, you have the age limit to be between the ages of 18 and 30. So, if you match the following requirements, you are eligible to become a member of Qatar Airways privilege.

What are the Qatar Airways student club terms and conditions?

Some specific rules and regulations are associated with the Qatar Airways student club. Before joining the club, you must know about the following aspects. To grab the following information, read the terms and conditions as mentioned below and get updated.

  • To take advantage of the student offers, you need to enroll in the Qatar Airways student club ( the student club), and then you can proceed.
  • To be a Qatar Airways student club member, your age should be between 1 and 30, respectively.
  • As per the student club rule, it is mandatory to register to take advantage of the offers.
  • The student's details that are cited in the registration form should match the information entered on the passport.
  • The Qatar Airways student club membership cards are produced in digital format. There is no physical card available or issued by the Privilege Club.
  • The student club membership will end upon graduation, and after that, the student will automatically continue as a prominent member of the privilege club, and there, you can avail yourself of the benefits from the privilege club membership.

Is a Qatar Airways student club member required to show proof at the check-in?

As per the rules, you must show Qatar Airways valid identification and a digital student club membership card to the authority. You also need to provide your student card along with the university acceptance letter or a student visa. This will help you confirm the passengers' eligibility upon check-in.