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Avianca Refund Conditions by Country: A Detailed Guide

Colombia's major airline is Avianca Airlines, which serves services over several destinations and for making any changes, cancellations, refunds, baggage, or more. However, if a passenger should cancel the flight recently, there are some flexible refund policies countrywide, which must be adhered to for requesting a refund from Avianca Airlines. So, to know more about the countrywide refund conditions, must consider the down points:


Within ten days of buying a ticket, make a refund request.

The destination is Argentina, and the itinerary should be purchased from any country.

For refund requests made within more than 24 hours of departing the flight, a 90% refund will be credited.

Also, an 80% refund will be credited when the request is made within 24 hours of flying.


Refund request within 24 hours of booking to 7 days of flying the Avianca flight.

Request a full refund when the ticket is bought in Brazil.

Also, a user may request a refund if the additional services are purchased before seven days.


Reservations made before seven days of Departure 

Get a refund when the additional services are canceled within 24 hours after the purchase date.


Reimbursement is available when the ticket or additional services are purchased in Chile.

For any trips, the refund can't be initiated

Request within ten days of purchasing the ticket 


Request the reimbursement within five days of buying 

If the flight departure date is within five days of flying, a traveler can't be accessed to request a refund.

El Salvador

Request a refund within eight days of departing the flight.

A refund application will be available when the ticket is purchased in El Salvador.

Get 80% of the refund after cancellation at an inappropriate time.

United States

Refund request applicable when the additional services or ticket can be bought with a United States destination location

The booking should made seven days flying the flight from the Departure.


Cancellation made within 24 hours after the purchasing date

A refund applies if the itinerary is reserved within Mexico's destinations.

The above-mentioned conditions are country-wise; however, if you seek to learn more about them, contact Avianca Airlines customer service. You can also make a refund request with Avianca through contact or its official website.

How do you request a refund from Avianca Airlines?

Going to request a refund from Avianca Airlines; however, if you don't know how to request it, there are a few simple ways to do this; you can learn about it by tracking the down ways:

Request through the website: The refund can be requested at Avianca Airlines using its website; however, if you seek to request it, there are some steps you may follow to get it quickly.

Visit the official site of Avianca Airlines

Continue to the manage my booking section, 

Mention your booking number and last name, and retrieve your booking

Move to find the cancellation button. Under that, you will get the refund option

The refund request form opens, you need to add the necessary details in the form, 

Submit a refund request to Avianca and get its confirmation on your phone.

Request a refund by calling: There is also another way to request a refund from Avianca Airlines. If you are unsure how to request it, dial 1 (866) 919-0081 and wait for the number to associate with a live agent. After that, share the full details of the refund and request it simply. After that, you will get your refund within a few days. 

How much time it will take to offer a refund at Avianca Airlines?

Avianca Airlines offers a refund within 10 to 14 business days of making a request refund at the airline in the original or voucher.