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Which airline is Key Lime Air affiliated with?

Key Lime Air operates independently but partners with a significant United Airlines airline. It isn't a formal alliance, but Key Lime (under its Denver Air Connection brand) can connect passengers to United's network through an interline agreement. It will allow Key Lime to offer more travel options to its customers. So, while Key Lime isn't a subsidiary of any airline, it cooperates with United Airlines to provide better reach for its passengers. 

How to request a charter at Key Lime Air?

You are looking to request a charter at Key Lime Air, so there are several modes to do this, which you can do by getting through the down modes:

Request a Charter at Key Lime Air online: It is easy to request a charter online at Key Lime Air, and you can do it through its official website; for that, you may continue to read the steps:

  • Navigate the Key Lime Air site 
  • There, you will get the form of a request for a charter,
  • You should enter the details of first and last name, departure, and arrival airport info, both departure and return dates, no. of travelers, phone number, and email address,
  • After that, continue to tap on the send me quote and info.

Request a Charter at Key Lime Air offline: In addition, you can also request a charter offline at Key Lime Air by calling the agent; therefore, you may dial 888-870-9626 and speak to the direct person, share the info about the dates, destinations, number of passengers, appropriate phone number and email and book a charter easily there.

Details about Passenger Aircraft at Key Lime Air

There is prompt info about the Passenger's Aircraft at Key Lime Air that you should know about by considering the following info:

Metro 23

Fly with 18 passengers with two crew members 

850 lbs of cargo weight with baggage/ cargo

Lavotry isn't available

Dornier 328 Jet

Fly with more than 30 travelers with two crew members and 1 Flight attendant

1500 lbs of Cargo weight with baggage/ cargo

The lavatory and Galley are available 


Fly with more than 50 travelers with two crew members and 1 Flight attendant

2600 lbs of Cargo weight with baggage/ Cargo

The lavatory and Galley are available

Service accessible over 36 airlines in 26 countries 

How do I contact a Key Lime Air person?

If you seek to contact Key Lime Air, there is a prompt mode to communicate with them, which is stated below; you may go through it:

Contact by call—Passengers can easily speak to the Key Lime Air agent by calling them. For that, you should dial 888-870-9626 and call them. You should speak about your quarrels and sort them out by talking with them.

Contact by mail—You can also talk with Key Lime Air's direct person by mailing them. For that, share your difficulties at 13252 E. Control Tower Rd.

Englewood, CO 80112, and soon, the airline person respond to your mail to resolve all conflicts promptly.

Additionally, you can readily speak to the main office of Key Lime Air at 303-768-9626 about your concerns.