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Vistara Student Discount

Are you a student and have to travel abroad for studies? If yes, you must be worried about high flight fares. But you will be elated to learn that airlines offer special student discounts so they can travel cost-efficiently. Vistara is an Indian-origin airline that tries to do every bit to deliver the best services to its customers. Hence, it offers student discounts for future leaders so they do not face hindrances in achieving their goals. To learn more about the Vistara student discount, you are requested to read the below article. 

Vistara Student Discount Terms and Conditions

Vistara student discounts are subject to the following terms and conditions. 

Travel within India:

  • A student must be 12 years old or above on the journey date. 

  • The student must study in India or a bona fide school or institution.

  • Flight bookings should be made a week before the date of departure. 

  •  Student discounts are applicable on one-way fares within the country. 

Travel outside India:

  • A student must have a valid visa or be enrolled in a foreign university at any destination Vistara flies to. 

  • Students should be the age of 12 or above on the date of the journey. 

  • Students traveling from domestic to international destinations only get an excess baggage allowance on one-way trips. 

  • The Vistara student discount is applicable only on one-way trips to and fro from India.

  • A student traveling between two international destinations cannot get an excess baggage allowance. 

Does Vistara give a student discount?

Yes, Vistara offers special student discounts with delight. Students can avail of discounts on Vistara flights as listed below. 

Travel within India:

  • Student discounts are not applied on bookings under the premium economy and business fares. 

  • Blackout dates where you get rewards and special discounts are applied. 

  • You can get up to 10% off on adult base fares for bookings under economy standard and economy flexi fares. 

Travel outside India:

  • No discount is offered on fares for traveling outside India. 

  • Students get an extra baggage allowance on travel outside India if they book directly with Vistara.

How to avail of student concession in Vistara?

So now that you have learned about student discounts on Vistara, you should also know the process to avail of them. An easy way to get student discount in Vistara flights is to call their customer service and talk to them directly. The entire process is discussed in the listed points. 

  • Head to Vistara’s official website through the link https://www.airvistara.com/in/en.
  • Reach the bottommost part of the main web page and click the ‘Contact Us’ option. 
  • When you reach the contact page, click the ‘+’ button next to the USA list. 
  • From the drop-down list, you will get its number +91 9289228888
  • Make a call to the number and inform them about your concern.
  • They will help you to avail Vistara student discount and make your flight reservation. 
  • Once your flight is booked, you will receive a confirmation on your email ID. 

What are the requirements for availing of student discounts on Vistara?

To avail of a Vistara student discount, you must provide a valid student Identity proof of school/university. This ID will be checked during check-in at the airport. Call the Vistara customer service number to clear any other doubts and get help. 

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