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Get significant details on international baggage fees on United Airlines. 

United Airlines is famous for providing the latest travel deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. It helps you book international flights and MileagePlus award tickets to worldwide destinations. It is the foremost American airline headquartered at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Likewise, if you want to make your flight journey more comfortable and hassle-free, you need to understand the carry-on baggage allowance for international flights, which allows you to carry one carry-on bag and personal items free on most international flights. Hence, if you go through the baggage policy and rules before your flight, you can avoid unnecessary doubts during your check-in time suitably. This major airline will also provide you with complete instructions on how to carry your checked baggage, the weight and size limit of which must be confirmed under the cabin and Mileage Plus Status.  

Understanding United Airlines's international baggage fee:

United Airlines allows you to travel with one standard checked baggage to your international destination within the US, but if you travel with second baggage, you have to pay $100 per each. If you selected Basic Economy checked baggage and are traveling with extra baggage, weight, and size, you must pay $60 for the first and $100 for the second baggage. Further, to learn more about the checked baggage allowance and fee services, get significant points below. 

Carry-on baggage policy:

If you fly on a United Airlines international flight, you need to know the carry-on baggage allowance to avoid unnecessary trouble. To avoid doubts, please read the details below. 

  • When you fly to your international destination with United Airlines, your carry-on bag must match the overhead bin.
  • If you travel in Economy Class, your carry-on bag must be around 23 cm in Length x 35 cm in width x 56 cm in depth.
  • When measuring your bag, you must include the handle and wheels for a significant baggage rule to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • You can travel without paying charges with one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag, or briefcase. Also read more about Delayed Baggage Compensation.

If you have extra baggage and personal items with additional sizes and weights on flights, you will be asked to pay the international baggage fee of around $25 at your gate for carry-on baggage.

Checked baggage policy:

You need to check out the checked baggage policy, which allows you to carry two checked baggage items in Economy Class. You are advised to check the weight and size of the baggage so that you can avoid paying unnecessary charges. To avoid charges, you need to go through the details below. 

  • You can travel with one checked baggage of 23 kg in United Economy and Premium Economy; the maximum dimension must be around 62 inches.
  • If you travel on United Airlines' business class fare, you can carry two pieces of baggage weighing 32 kg, and the dimensions must be the same.
  • When you earn Premier Silver, Gold, and Premium Platinum, you can bring at least three 32 kg bags and avoid paying any charges. 
  • If you are a Star Alliance Gold member, you will get permission to bring extra baggage with extra weight and dimensions without paying any charges. 

So, if you are at the airport and unsure about your baggage size, you can use our bag sizers to measure your bag. You may have any bags other than your carry-on and personal items or carry-on bags that are over the size limit, which must be checked. But if you have checked your bags already, you may have to pay the fee accordingly. 

Excess baggage fee and regulations:

Traveling with extra baggage on a United Airlines flight requires learning about the excess baggage fee and regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble. The fee would be determined by the type of fare you purchase, your destination, and mileage status, which you need to check accordingly. You need to check out the extra baggage to avoid confusion below.

  • United Airlines international flights will ask you to pay for the excess baggage charges starting at $150, and you have to pay for third baggage.
  • If you travel with additional baggage, weight, and size, you have to pay the extra charges depending on the routes and type of fare.
  • You can check your extra baggage at the airport to avoid paying any additional charges and make your trip error-free easily. 

Special time and oversized baggage handling on United Airlines:

United Airlines restricts you from traveling with extra special items and oversized baggage for some destinations. Hence, when you travel with extra special items and oversized baggage handling on United Airlines, you are required to check out the additional charges accordingly. If your baggage exceeds 50 pounds, you will be asked to pay around $200. If your baggage weight is more than 70 pounds but less than 100 pounds, you will pay up to $400 per baggage. For additional details on extra special items and baggage service, contact a customer representative to get complete help shortly.