• 19 Apr, 2024
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Why is it not Permitted to Use a Cell Phone While Flying?

Flying is an accelerated phenomenon used to reach the desired destinations. But to stay in the air, many elements need to be accomplished, and one of them is cell phone restrictions. Further, there are many scientific reasons for doing so, which can avoid any future accidents. Moreover, you can identify those reasons by going through the bottom points:-

  • Electro Magnetic interference: When a plane is in mid-air, then a pilot is said to be "blind" in terms of directions, and the pilot is totally dependent on the directions given by the ATC (Air Traffic Control). Further, the communication channels between both of them are established through radio signals, and mobile frequency also runs over these channels. Thus, if singles get inter-exchange, or the pilot finds difficulty in staying connected with the ground team, then it could be difficult to navigate, and that may cause any mishappening. 
  • Security reasons: Nowadays, traveling with the proper security measures is the biggest challenge, and mobile phones have both cons and pros. So, if any of the devices gets misused in mid-air, then risk factors could increase tremendously. Moreover, not a single aid is able to reach the appropriate time. 

What Risks Are Associated with Cellphone Use While Flying?

Airlines run on the foremost principles of security. This is why they do not take chances with any electric devices and ban cell phone use. But nowadays, you can use it by turning on "Aeroplane mode," and this could depend on the airline policy, too. Moreover, cell phone use includes various risks, and you can identify those by going through the bottom. 

  • Miscommunications between ATC and Piot
  • Difficulty in proper landings
  • Collide with other airplanes in mid-air
  • Aid for a hijackers
  • This may create difficulties for cabin crews in conducting business
  • Being on the phone could disturb other passengers

Do I Have Internet Access While Flying?

Yes, you can get internet access while flying. However, the internet can be used only by airline Wi-Fi, so if you are traveling with an airline that offers such facilities, you can surf the internet. Besides that, there might not be any windows for having internet while flying. 

Does the aircraft have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the aircraft have Wi-Fi. However, this depends upon the variant of aircraft, routes, and airlines. In order to get some, you may have to purchase plans from some airlines, and some may offer them for free. So, if you have such requirements, then you get to pick one that offers these facilities, and mostly, Wi-Fi can be discovered in major airlines. 

What happens if I use my cell phone on a flight?

Airlines have certain restrictions and limitations on the utilization of cell phones. But it does not completely forbid the use of mobile phones. Further, cell phones can be used as deemed fit, but you get on your “Aeroplane mode” during the flight. Moreover, if you are looking to surf the internet, then you can purchase airline Wi-Fi plans or choose only the airline that offers such facilities. 

Can I use WhatsApp on a flight?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp in flight, but not with your own cellular data packs. If you are willing to stay connected on WhatsApp, then you can use airline Wi-Fi. However, if you fly frequently, you can also get a monthly or yearly Wi-Fi subscription plan. You can also choose a day Wi-Fi connection plan.

Final Takeaway

So, by going through the information disclosed in these titles, you can find sufficient information about the risks and reasons for not allowing mobile devices on airlines. Moreover, to know more, you can approach to particular airline customer service team.