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Is carry-on allowed in the American Basic Economy?

Basic Economy fares are pocket Friendly fares. If you have booked American Basic Economy tickets then you may have a few questions related to the carry-on and checked baggage. Therefore, the traveler may what are the restrictions and carry-on weight allowance, this traveler guide will provide all the relevant answers to your queries.

Does American Basic Economy fare allow you to bring a carry-on?

As per American Airline Baggage Policy, Passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item including a handbag, and a laptop bag and it should fit under the seat in front of you. In addition, American Airlines allows you to bring instruments, pets, and other items as a carry-on but it should meet their guidelines. You need to pay the standard fee for these items.

American Airlines Basic Economy Carry-on Bags Policy:

To avoid inconveniences while boarding the flight, it is better to learn about the basic terms and conditions of American Airlines Basic Economy Carry-on bags policy which is stated in the following information.

  • You can bring one personal item like a purse, or a small handbag, which should fit under the seat in front of you. The Dimension should not exceed 18*14*8 ( 45*35*20cm).
  • Passengers are allowed to bring only one carry-on including one personal item which should fit in the overhead and make sure that all the items are labeled.
  • As per American Airlines Basic Economy Carry-on bags, the dimensions should not exceed 22*14*9 inches ( 56*36*23cm) including handles and wheels.
  • If you are carrying any soft sided garment bag then you should make sure that the weight must not exceed 51 inches/ 130 cm.

List of Carry-on Restricted Items:

There are some restricted items that traveler must know before packing to prevent inconvenience at the flight boarding time. Here you will find the list of some carry-on restrictions.

  • You are not supposed to back Alcoholic beverages over 70 percent.
  • As per restrictions set by the European Union, passengers are not allowed to bring Animal Products or products of animal origin.
  • Bring less than 100 Wh - 4 spaces in carry-on bags.
  • To avoid the violation and penalties, passengers should not pack Defense Sprays, Drones, or Dry Ice.
  • Avoid packing Electronic Cigarettes/ vapor, Explosives, Flammable liquids, and solids.
  • Gasoline-powered tools like trimmers.
  • Lighters and Matchsticks.
  • Marijuana.
  • You can carry items like Aerosol deodorant, hair spray, Perfume, and Nail polish if they are stored separately in smaller containers and clear plastic bags. Get detailed information about carry-on and a backpack on American Airlines.

What is the American Airline Checked Baggage Policy?

Sometimes people are required to bring extra baggage when traveling on long-haul flights then the Airlines have introduced bag limitations including size and weight. To find out the exact information check the following data.

  • According to the American Airlines Checked Baggage Policy, the checked baggage dimension should not exceed 62 inches or 152 cm including handles and wheels.
  • The weight of the checked baggage should be under the issued limit which is 50lbs/ 23kgs.
  • For First and Business class fares the allowed weight for the checked bag is 70 lbs / 32 kgs.
  • Passengers can take up to 10 bags maximum on long-haul domestic flights by paying extra charges.
  • You can check- up to 5 maximum checked bags on American Flights if you are traveling from Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Brazil, and other destinations.

How much should I pay to check extra checked bags?

Basically, the charges for extra checked baggage on flights operated by American Airlines may vary as it depends on the departure time, travel distance, and other factors. But for the first checked bag customer should pay $35 to $40 as a baggage Fee, however, it may incline it depending on the weight limit and dimension.