• 10 May, 2024
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Is Alaska Airlines strict about personal item size?

Alaska is the 5th largest airline in the USA, flying to more than 100 popular cities. Alaska has rules for carrying personal items on its flights while traveling to a particular destination. But, if you want to know precisely about What is the size limit for a personal item during travelers, you may get complete details about it after going through the shared blog. However, Alaska officially does not have any size limit for personal items and you must ensure your bags fit under the seat without any issues.

What are the other relevant policies for carrying items on Alaska Airlines?

When you need hassle-free travel with Alaska flights on any specific route, you should learn all about its rules. Nevertheless, all the essential policies about the Alaska Airlines baggage allowance are mentioned in the form of points.

  • In all major cities, Alaska flights allow free personal items, especially small briefcases, purses, and laptop bags, irrespective of your ticket type.
  • You can also carry one carry-on bag and a personal item which includes a purse, briefcase, and laptop bags without any additional charges.
  • Your personal items should be fit under the seat and the carry-on bag must be comfortably placed into the overhead bin.
  • As per Alaska's new conditions, your carry-on bag size should be under 22X14X9 inches including wheels and handles, or 45 linear inches.
  • The permittable size and weight for single checked baggage at Alaska Airlines is 115 inches linear and 100 lb.
  • You may be charged some amounts depending on routes for any additional checked baggage, up to 4 bags. Also know about free checked baggage.
  • However, you can bring only up to 3.4 ounces of liquid items, which should be sealed perfectly under the reusable plastic.
  • Standard checked fees will only apply for musical instruments less than 50 lbs and maximum size up to 62 inches.  

What price will I have to pay for additional checked bags?

The price for the additional checked and overweight bags on Alaska flights is chargeable. When carrying overweight bags between 51 and 100 lb, you must pay around $100 using Alaska's official payment link. Similarly, if the size of your bag exceeds 63 to 115 inches in early for additional bags, you will be charged approximately $150. Further, stand-by fees for the first, second, and extra bags will be changed to $35, $40, and $150 per piece. You should calculate the exact additional bag price from the Alaska official website or contact its customer agents at +1-800-225-2752 and inquire about the costs. 

Can I travel with sports or musical equipment as per personal items at Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can carry only some selected sports and musical items on Alaska Airlines during flight travel, but not under the personal item category, according to strict policy. However, your sports and musical items should be packed in a soft or hard-sided case and counted as checked items. However, the allowable sports and musical instruments on Alaska Airlines are mentioned below in points.

  • Sports equipment: Archery, Bicycles, Bowling, Skateboards, Golf Clubs, Pole Vaults, Fishing equipment, and hockey.
  • Musical equipment: Flute, Harmonium, Tabla, guitar, and string instruments.