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How do you plan a California itinerary?

California is a state in the US known for several attractions that attract travelers and vacationers year-round. It is famous for its landmarks, such as the Hollywood Sign and Golden Gate Bridge, and rich outdoor opportunities. Besides, California has something to meet the diverse nature of tourists. However, If you are planning to visit California and don't know how to plan the itinerary, it's the right place. Here, we will confirm what you should explore in California and other relevant details; take a look to stay upgraded. 

Let's check out how you can plan the itinerary 

Explore the cities 

While you are in California, you can begin the trip by exploring cities there, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco:

 Los Angeles is the core of Entertainment, where you can explore Hollywood's allure, stunning beaches, boutiques, etc. In Los Angeles, you can explore famous attractions including Hollywood Walk of Fame, the artsy enclaves, Griffith Observatory, Silver Lake, and Echo Park.

San Franciso is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, ancient rich history, and vibrant street life.  There are several places to visit in San Franciso, though; you should definitely visit the bustling piers of Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island, and the tranquil escape of Golden Gate Park.

Wonders & Outdoor Adventures

Once you have explored the city, here are the wonder and outdoor activities you can explore: 

Yosemite National Park: It's a national park in California that offers majestic cliffs, waterfall views, and breathtaking valleys. For Hikers and outdoor activity lovers, it's a haven. The Yosemite National Park highlights are towering  EL Capitan, Vista from Glacier Point. 

Big Sur: It's the heart of California's coastal beauty and famous ocean scene views, redwood forests, hiking, and beautiful beaches. The highlights are Bixby Creek Bridge and the McWay Falls serene beauty. 

Explore the Desert

California is also famous for its deserts below, which you should definitely visit: 

Joshua Tree National Park: You will never see a desert landscape like this. You can see the Joshua tree at the intersection of Mojave and Colorado, forming a path filled with rocks and flora, which is perfect for star gazing and hiking. 

Wine Country Elegance 

If you are a wine lover, make sure you don't miss this place in California. 

Napa Valley and Sonoma County: It's famous for its beautiful vineyard and exquisite wines. You can have a premium wine tour, taste, and experience gourmet dining in the grilling hills. Besides, it is also famous for Cabernet Sauvignon across Napa Valley in different styles. 

Planning the California itinerary? Here are the things you should consider 

Best Time to Go: The best time to visit California is in Spring, from March to May. You can enjoy and chill in the pleasant weather and the stunning landscape views. Otherwise, plan the trip in the Fall from September to November; you can watch the harvest season in Wine County, and the crowd is also smaller. 

Best Trasport: When choosing transport, go with the Car Rental service because it is most flexible in terms of exploring cities and national parks. You can also opt for public Transport in Major destinations like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Stays in Hotel: California offers accommodation for every style and budget, from luxurious resorts to comfortable motels and campsites. You must book in advance for better prices. 

Dining Out: The culinary scene in California is very diverse. You can experience all types of foods, from Michelin-starred dining to food trucks focusing on local items.

Conclusion: California is one of the most beautiful places and has several attractions. The highlights of where you can visit Califonia are given above. You can, however, customize the trip based on interest and duration.