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How to get an upgrade at Etihad?

Etihad is one of the major airlines in the UAE. It flies to passenger and cargo destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and North America. The airline is known for providing a comfortable and luxurious experience. You can easily upgrade or modify the ticket that you have purchased at Etihad by the multiple methods mentioned below. Read all of them, and you will be able to understand the process.

How to upgrade at Etihad online?

You can upgrade the ticket that you have purchased at Etihad by following a few easy steps on the website of Etihad that are mentioned below;

  • Visit the official website of the Etihad.
  • Go to the 'manage' option, and you will be taken to another page.
  • Then fill out your required booking details such as the ticket number and your name on the screen.
  • Then, you will be taken to the summary page for your booking where you will see an option for an upgrade.
  • Go to that option, select the seat and fare you want to upgrade for, pay the charges asked, and confirm it.

How to upgrade at Etihad through the call?

You can also contact customer service at Etihad by dialing the Etihad customer service number '1800 123 3901,' and after following some IVR instructions that are given in the call, you will be connected to the customer service executive or representative at Etihad; after connecting and providing them your booking details they will access your information, and then you can request them to make an upgrade, the agent will provide you an upgrade on the availability of the seats at the fare you want to upgrade to. Pay the charges the executive asks you to, and you will be done with the upgrade process.

How to upgrade at Etihad at the airport?

The upgrade can also be done at the airport Etihad; all you have to do is reach customer service at the airport and request the executive to make an upgrade to your preferred seat; the executive will access your booking information and provide you an upgrade to your preferred seat and fare, you would have to pay the charges asked in the upgrade process, and you will be done with the seat upgrading process at Etihad.

How to contact Etihad by email?

You can also reach customer service at Etihad by writing an email to its customer service at '[email protected]' requesting customer service at Etihad to provide you with an upgrade to the preferred seat, and they will contact you and provide you an upgrade accordingly depending on the fare and seat you want to get an upgrade for.

What are the Etihad upgrade policies?

You can easily get an upgrade at Etihad, but there are some upgrade policies applied by the airline for the upgrade process that are mentioned below;

  • The customer is eligible to bid for an upgrade if flying on an Etihad flight.
  • The upgrade depends on the fare, if you are eligible for an upgrade or not, and also on the availability of the fare you want an upgrade for.
  • The payment for an upgrade at Etihad can be made through cash, credit card, or by Etihad guest miles.

How many Etihad miles do you need to upgrade to business class?

You can upgrade to the Etihad fares with the miles that you earn with traveling to its flight; the miles you need for an upgrade from economy to business class for a distance range of 1001-1500 are 15,000 miles, and the number of miles rises in order to the more range of distance, you have to pay the difference in charge appears in the amount of Economy and business class. You can get the business class upgrade by the methods mentioned above.

How does Etihad upgrade bidding work?

You can also bid for the upgrade at Etihad by the following different methods: the processes of bidding for the upgrade are mentioned below; read them, and you will know how bidding works;

  • You need your ticket number or reference number to bid that you get in the confirmation email.
  • You can bid to upgrade by the suest miles or by cash.
  • The charge you pay for the upgrade through bidding will be non-refundable.
  • You will get the boarding pass at the time of check-in, whether online or offline at the airport.
  • After requesting the airline for bidding, you cannot change or cancel the bid, and after the bid has been accepted, you can cancel it, but you should do it 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

Is Etihad business class worth it?

Yes, it is worth paying for business class at Etihad as it offers the world's best business class experiences and provides seats that are sleek closing doors, and other amazing services and benefits that make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.