• 09 Jul, 2024
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How to obtain complimentary seat selection on Qantas flights?

When you are getting with the ticket purchase on Qantas, then you have offered the option for selecting the seat freely at the same time of booking, but at times, you hold the seat selection and get away with the option of purchasing the flight ticket instead of this option then you are given the later on the option to buy the seat, but for that, you need to pay some charges for the ticket as per your convenience. Moreover, if you do not select the seat afterward also then the airline will automatically assign you the seat, but that seating class preference will not be as per your traveling preferences. However, to get the general information for seat selection on Qantas, you are supposed to read the following section and gather general details for seat selection and the procedure to select a seat with Qantas.

General information for Qantas free seat selection:

  • Passengers are given the option to get a complimentary seat selection while they are traveling with first, business, or premium economy.
  • If you select a seat after you have had the Qantas Frequent Flyer plan, you will have free access to choose the seat.
  • For international and domestic flights for Qantas, seat selection fees will vary according to your travel preference.
  • Passengers traveling with their infants can access a seat with a bassinet well before their travel.
  • Seat selection payment will be made online with the manage my booking section without any obstacle.

How do I select a seat for free at Qantas?

If you want to select a free seat, the following passage will be the best option. However, to get to the online procedure, which will be the best in choosing the seat, you will read the following page and be able to pick the appropriate class seat.

  • First, you need to open the Qantas official website
  • Now, you will have to choose the Manage My Booking tab
  • Enter the PNR number/booking reference number and last name of the passenger
  • Retrieve the itinerary, and you shall proceed with the seat selection tab
  • Next, go to the selection of the seat as per your traveling class, and you can also be able to add amenities
  • Once complete, you are supposed to tap over the save button, and you are going to receive appropriate assistance. 

Can I choose a seat at Qantas by phone?

Instead of choosing a seat via Qantas's official website for free, customers will have the option to talk directly with a customer representative. You need to dial the phone number, which will allow you to approach the live representative quite easily. Therefore, to connect with a live person on-call, you are required to use the telephone number 1-800-227-4500, and you are required to listen to voicemail instructions. Once you are going to select the seat selection option, you are going to receive an appropriate set of assistance from the expert.

 Henceforth, if you are still not getting help, you are supposed to use the airport helpdesk, and you will receive seat selection for the ticket help.