• 24 May, 2024
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Accumulated information about GOL Airlines baggage: fees, allowance, and procedure to add

There are many travelers who have inquiries regarding baggage for their trip and struggle to curate all the essential information. If you are also looking for any such information, then you must go through the curated details presented in the following section to gather all the details and get away with your baggage-related concerns. 

Gol Airlines baggage policies: 

There are some general terms and conditions about baggage framed by Gol Airlines. Travelers are required to pay attention to the Gol Airlines Baggage Policy highlights provided below to carry their belongings on the flight:

  • Gol Airlines has strictly restricted the carrying of any harmful items as carry-on or checked luggage. Also travelers 
  • Travelers must make sure they are taking luggage according to the limit set by the airlines. 
  • They must be aware that they are required to pay additional charges or fees if their baggage exceeds the limit set by GOL Airlines. 
  • Travelers must be known that they are not allowed to carry any sharp object or harmful device on their Gol flights. 
  • You must restrict your intake of liquids on flights to 100 ml.
  • Travelers who want to carry their musical instruments, sports equipment, or any other assistive devices on Gol Airlines then they can be carried as checked-in luggage and have to pay additional charges. 
  • Travelers must make sure that while measuring the bags or weight of the luggage handles, strips of bags or wheels must be taken into account. 
  • Travelers must be able to place their luggage under their seats in the Gol Airlines overhead bins. 

Gol Baggage allowance: 

  • Travelers can carry one carry-on bag weighing 10 kg. 
  • The dimensions of the carry-on bag must be under 35cm W *55cm H *25cm L.
  • Travelers can also carry one personal bag or infant bag along with carry-on luggage.
  • The dimensions of the personal bag must be under the limit of 35 cm W* 45cm H * 20cm L.
  • Travelers can carry checked-in luggage of 23 kg on Gol Airlines. 
  • Dimensions of checked luggage must be under the limit of 80cm* 28cm* 50 cm.
  • Travelers can carry a total of 5 pieces of bags on their flights. 
  • Travelers carrying infants can check car seats. 

The process of adding additional luggage on Gol Airlines: 

All travelers who wish to add additional luggage on Gol Airlines are expected to make use of the straightforward steps mentioned below: 

  • Go to the official Gol Airlines website. 
  • You must now tap on the "My trips" option.
  • To find your reservation, you are expected to enter mandatory fields like passenger name, ticket code, and origin city. 
  • As you come across your ticket after clicking the search flight, you must tap on additional services. 
  • Finally, click on Add your extra luggage. 
  • Travelers are expected to pay additional charges for extra luggage. 
  • As your arrangements are made, you will receive a confirmation email. 

How much does Gol charge for luggage? 

Travelers who are taking 23kg as checked luggage on Gol Airlines do not have to pay any additional charges for their luggage. However, if they add 2 or three bags, they are expected to pay additional charges of $30 to $40. This fare increases by $10 with the addition of each kg. However, for international destinations, additional luggage fare is from $6 to $140. Travelers can always gather exact fare information by contacting customer services. 

Conclusion: Referring to the detailed luggage-related information presented above, all your doubts must be eliminated. You are advised to make a note of the airline's policies to avoid any trouble. Even if you are still bothered with any luggage-related concerns feel free to get through Gol customer services by using the phone number: 1 855 862 9190 and curate a satisfactory solution.