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How much is a bag on Avianca?

Avianca is Columbia's national Airline, flying from Colombia to different parts of Latin America. It allows all passengers to reach their desired place with some bags according to airline rules. Avianca also offers a feasible baggage allowance facility on all primary routes, and you should know this before carrying any bags at the mentioned Airline. However, you can bring a personal item, carry-on, and checked baggage of a particular size and weight on Avianca flights. You must pay some excess charges if you have additional bags or excess weight at Avianca Airlines.

What are the correct Avianca Airlines baggage Policies:

Avianca Airlines has clarified that passengers can travel with their bags on its plane only under certain conditions. Some terms and conditions related to Avianca Airlines baggage will help you carry items or bags at the Airport before boarding the plane. The essential policies for Aviacan flight baggage are highlighted here.

  • You can travel with small bags that hold some personal items, including a handbag, knapsack, diaper, and laptop, for free.
  • The maximum sizes for personal items bags are 45X35X25 cm, and they should be placed under the Cabin seat in front of you.
  • The maximum weights and sizes of Avianca carry-on bags, including both wheels and handles, should not be above 10 kg and 55X35X25 cm.
  • When the weight of carry-on bags is more than 10 kg, they are counted under the checked baggage categories.
  • Also, Avianca Airlines carry-bag fares are included for all ticket types except XS and basic.
  • Avianca's maximum checked baggage weights for economy and business class are approximately 23 kg and 32 kg, respectively.
  • You can also travel with checked baggage with a maximum dimensions of 158 cm, which combines all length, width, and height.
  • Classic, Flex, and Business class tickets usually include checked bag fares.
  • You must bring checked bags to the Airport before boarding the plane.
  • Some sports equipment, musical instruments, and other unrestricted medical weapons are allowed at Avianca, but only with prior permission.
  • On Avianca flights, you cannot carry liquid above 100 ml in your carry-on baggage.
  • Excess charges will apply for additional bags or weight, which you must pay before bearing to the plane.   

How much does it cost for checked baggage?

To avoid charges, pack your bags and inquire whether they are according to Avianca baggage sizes and weight. When you carry excess bags or are above the allowable weight, you must submit the applicable baggage cost to Avianca Airlines. However, the average price for excess bags on Airlines will be around $ 55 to $ 100 per bag. The Avianca baggage cost will vary according to the paths, class, and fare differences. Besides, to learn the correct fee for checked baggage at Avianca Airlines, you can visit its website or contact customer spokespersons.

Does Avianca allow free carry-on?

Yes, Avianca Airlines permits free carry-on bags on all ticket types except XS fares. So, if you are traveling with XS fare ticket types at Avianca Airlines, you should pay the additional cost to use the carry-on bags facility. XS fare tickets can only carry one personal item for free, and for the rest of the bags, like carry-on or checked, you need to pay the applicable additional cost. So, you must inquire about your particular ticket types before traveling with your carry-on bags.

Is Avianca strict with a carry-on?

Yes, Avianca is very strict when it comes to carry-on bag sizes and weight. As per the rent Avianca baggage rules, you can carry carry-on bags of dimensions 55X35X25 cm, which includes all lengths, width, and height. Similarly, the maximum weight for carry-on bags at Avianca Airlines is 10 kg, and if you travel time above the mentioned weight in carry-on bags, it will be counted as checked baggage. So, before traveling with Avianca flights to any destination, check carry-on bag dimensions and weight to avoid any issues during trips.

How do you add additional baggage after an Avianca flight booking?

If you recently booked an Avianca flight but forgot to add additional bags for convenient travel, you can still do it before the original departure. For the additional baggage services at Avianca Airlines, you should follow the steps below.

  • The foremost step is to reach out to Avianca Airlines on the web page: https://www.avianca.com/en/.
  • From the top of the "Your Booking" tab, you should click on the "Manage your booking" option.
  • You should also click on the add additional baggage services.
  • Fill in your Avianca flight booking code and last name to retrieve ticket details.
  • Select the number of bags you want to add from the given options per policy.
  • For the selected additional bags, it is necessary to make final payments, especially before departure.
  • Thus, you can carry some additional bags at Avianca Airlines.  

Therefore, you can carry personal, carry-on, or checked bags at Avianca Airlines only under some strict policy with or without paying additional costs. For more information about Avianca Airlines' carry-on bag policy, call the customer support executives.