• 30 May, 2024
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Clasp specification on the flight change of Spirit Airlines 

Traveling essentials could not be said to be finalized till the completion of the journey. So, this uncertainty has been recognized by airlines, which is why they offer a shield to deal with such matters. Consequently, when you have selected Spirit Airlines as a travel companion, then a trip could be concluded on a limited budget. This is because this is one of the state's ultra-low-cost carriers. If you get stuck in such conditions and want to switch a flight then you get to observe all the related particulars. Hence, you can find the information on the same by reading this subheading. 

What is Spirit Airlines' flight change policy?

A flight change on Spirit Airlines is subjected to various rules and regulations. Further, you could be allowed to take the next steps by provisions of Spirit Airlines Change Policy and, which have been stated at the following points:-

Free change conditions: A request placed within 24 hours of booking a ticket can be processed free of charge. However, the flight must depart in seven days or more. 

  • If you hold an elite membership, then a complimentary change could also be appealed. 
  • When you are suffering from a medical emergency or illness on the travel date, then a cost-free change could be made, but the document needs to be approved by the airline. 
  • If an airline made an arrangement for others by canceling an original flight and you do not wish to travel with the same, then you can choose a flight for nothing. 

Penalty for a change: Whenever the assigned grace period expires then, a penalty could be imposed with the fare difference. 

  • If a request is placed an hour before departure, then also an additional charge can be applied, but this could depend on the subject's availability. 
  • A booking made with a reward or promotional fares could not be able to place a request for change except to certain conditions. 

Travel agent: A booking that is formed through the travel agent could make them responsible not the airline. In this situation, you have to form a connection with the purchase center. 

Can I change the date of a Spirit flight?

Yes, you can change Spirit Airlines' flight date. But those airfares were to be compliant with the laid provision and purchased ticket rules. When you are fit to take this task to the next level, you can choose different modes to request the same, and the information on those can be seen at the bottom.

Make a call to change

A call gives a higher advantage for changing the itinerary, but this might not be possible for free. Further, you get to provide all the information asked by the airline and pay the cost. For that, you can use phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 and then choose change options from the IVR menu. 

Use online modes for Spirit date change

One more option that allows you to change a flight on Spirit Airlines is online. Here, you can get details on each of the necessary specifications, and the guide for carrying out the task is illustrated at the bottom.

  • Head to the Spirit official site
  • Now, click on the My Trip icon
  • Further, enter the flight date with your last name and click on the Continue icon.
  • Thenafter, click on the date change options
  • Later on, choose a date from the list and then make a payment.


Furthermore, when you read the above, then you can find relevant information on the Spirit Airline change as policy and procedure. If there is any kind of confusion then you can reach out to the customer service team and get resolutions for the same.